It was bound to happen sooner or later but after being in business nearly eleven years, Kettle Art is celebrating our two hundredth exhibition. We’ve hosted all kinds of events from straight up traditional art presentations to insane CD release exhibits, from tattoo artists, to video arts, photographic shows to spoken words. One thing you can always count on in the ‘gallery business’ is to expect the unexpected. Something is always lurking around the corner waiting to astound your avant-garde senses with visual, audio and literary delight.

With this show, 200, we break another aspect in the local art scene by presenting an ‘Opening Weekend’ starting on Thursday, September 22 (as opposed to the traditional one night opening reception) and host a continuous art celebration through Saturday, September 24.

Kettle Art celebrates 200 exhibitions.
Artists include: Tyson Summers, Cathey Miller, Hatziel Flores, Minji Kang, Justin Clumpner, Tom Currie, Elizabeth Dryden, Clint Scism, Roberta Masciarelli, Francois Shogreen, Amy Seymour, Duke Horn, Anne Marie Talon, Micah Rabalais, Walter Land, Emily Yandell, Brad Albright, Jennifer Lafleur, George Wallace III, Erica Guajardo, Izk Davies, Marcie Dodd, Johnny Hawkins, Emily Hawkins, Steven Hamilton, Clay Stinnett, Judith Lea Perkins, Nick Glenn, Richard Ross, Amber Campagna, Steve Reeves, Erin Reeves, Miguel Aguilar and Frank Campagna. Also we are proud to introduce Erin Curry and Izzy Sanders.

This show runs through October 15.


Kettle Art is proud to present ‘Hiraeth’ featuring works by Richard Ross with special guest Jesse Sierra Hernandez. The exhibit opens on Thursday, August 25, 7:00 – 10:00PM, and runs through Saturday, September 17. Kettle Art is located at 2650-B Main Street in Deep Ellum.

What can be said about Richard Ross and his work that has not been said before… Genius? Prolific? Mystifying? Mythical? Collectable? These words, and many more, all ring true to countless art lovers throughout the DFW metroplex. “All I can tell you is that Kettle Art got extremely lucky that Spring day in 2006 when Richard walked in to drop off some work for an open group show. During the install, four or five pieces sold before they even got up off the floor” recalls gallery owner Frank Campagna. “I had to call him to ask if he had more.” To make a long story short, he did, and promptly delivered several additional pieces of his ‘whimsical masterpieces’ before the opening. In all, Richard Ross’ works clearly resonate with those who see them, and these viewers can’t help but be charmed.

*Richard L. Ross, Artist Statement:*

2.an intense form of longing or nostalgia

As I come upon my 50th year as a traveler on the road to the store, I’m taking a moment to stop and remember some of the milestones along the way. I’ll be hosting a reflective show of my art work, along with a very special guest Jesse Sierra Hernandez, who helped me on this journey 20 years ago while we were both working out of Fort Worth Artist and Co. and St. Mary’s artist studios.

Richard L. Ross, Artist Bio:

Ross is a self-taught artist from Irving, Texas with a degree in history from the University of Dallas. He began forming his artistic voice in the atmosphere of the early hardcore punk scene of Dallas. During this time, he found glimpses of beauty in the chaos of specific moments, and the to question the grand narratives that had formed his life’s early foundations.

Jesse Sierra Hernandez, Artist Bio:

Jesse Sierra Hernandez, an accomplished Fort Worth artist, whose work ranges from smaller works on paper to large-scale oil paintings, representing a different theme from the artist’s collection.

Hernandez has struggled with a stutter ever since he was a child and began drawing and painting to serve as a voice that didn’t require speaking. This voice grew louder as he began oil painting in 1992 and started to pursue themes of the human form, religion and social observations within a museum setting. One of these themes resurfaces in his recent large oil painting “The Taking of Christ,” a powerful and emotional interpretation of Christ forcibly being removed by Roman guards. Inspired by his personal convictions, plus admiration for Baroque artists, Hernandez paints historical and religious figures with a modern twist—he dons soldiers with contemporary military uniforms. The use of dramatic lighting and emotion in this particular work is a nod to the Baroque master Caravaggio, one of his greatest inspirations. Hernandez’s overall style holds true to this period’s technique and refrains from overtly abstract themes that delve outside the lines. He chooses, conversely, to stay “Inside the Lines,”.

Hernandez was born and raised in Fort Worth. His work has been shown in over a dozen solo and group exhibitions, including Galeria de la Rosa’s En una Manera Silenciosa (2009). He initially received his education in commercial art and studied under illustrator Don Punchatz from 1991 to 1995. In additional to painting, Hernandez is a preparator for the Kimbell Art Museum, a position he has held since 2001. Prior to that, he served as curator and art director for Fort Worth’s Studio 4 gallery and 7th Street Gallery.


Kettle Art proudly presents [krip-tik], a two-man show featuring recent works by Jeff Skele and Ruben Ramirez. This show opens Thursday, July 28, 7:00 – 10:00PM, and runs through Saturday, August 13.

Skele and Ramirez have shown their works around the DFW area for several years in numerous group exhibitions, including at Kettle, yet neither have had a well-focused spotlight exhibit until now. Both artists cite works by Jean Michel Basquiat as inspiration in their formative years. Now, they are ready to show us their own, personal brands of ‘Street Expressionism’. Needless to say, both artists are psyched for this show, so let’s allow them a few words…

Jeff Skele

What do the creatures say? Who are these monsters? Or are they monsters at all? Are they simply the realization of the human condition: suffering and greed; beings transformed by the doldrums of work, work, work; a pile of bones with money burning in its eyes; a skeleton dancing in ecstacy, love, and light? My paintings are more than what you catch at first glance. All around the world, collectors continue to stare, finding more truth, more reminders and more revelation – Can you see it? Can you feel it?

Ruben Ramirez

This series of paintings is comprised of abstract and semi-realistic styles reflecting a sense of control and chaos. With the combined use of brushes, sticks, and squeeze bottles, paint is applied on canvas, boards, and found objects, taking visual influences from nature, society, and primarily the black orchid, a symbol for power and absolute authority. Each piece explores the struggle and frustration of ‘getting it together’ or ‘calming down’ while letting go.


Kettle Art & Tres Reyes Fine Art are proud to announce an encore exhibition of the celebrated Savages show with Savages (a slight return).

In response to all participating artists and the work that went into producing the original two day pop-up exhibit ‘Savages’ we are proud to allow this exhibit a bit more life. The attendance was phenomenal and the demand seemed much greater than originally anticipated so why not?

Participating artists include Frank Campagna, George Fowler, Frankie Garcia III, Mikki Mallow, Michael Ledoux, Hal Samples, Bob Poe, Steve Hamilton, Cathey Miller, Richard Ross, Judith Lea Perkins, Steve & Erin Reeves, Mark Nelson, Clint Scism, Hatziel Flores, Ruben Ramirez, Manny Rodriguez, Justin Clumpner, Fransisco Javier, George Wallace III, Andrew Williams and Daniel Yanez.

This show opens on June 9th 2016 and runs through July 16.

KingsOfOblivionKettle Art proudly presents ‘Kings of Oblivion’ an exhibit featuring the works of three, distinct individuals who all work with paper. This show opens on Thursday May 5, 2016 and runs through Saturday, May 21.

Arts educator Justin Clumpner incorporates your daily newspaper and occasional advertisements within his painted works. Arts educator, Walter Land cuts paper, applies, dissects, and utilizes negative space to create his works. Artist & frame shop operator George Wallace III constructs large format, complex, retro-zine collage works.

In other words, comparing the medium of ‘working with paper’ is where the works of these artists compliment one another, yet a creative platform for each to stand on their own.


Kettle Art Gallery presents ‘Fractal Logic 3’, the third installation of the widely-acclaimed series curated by renowned artist George Fowler. The exhibition features twenty-one prominent, North Texas painters, photographers, and sculptors.

Each artist has created a large, unique mural comprised of a minimum of one-dozen smaller pieces that, when viewed from afar, form one cohesive unit. Numbering over one-thousand pieces in total, the individual components in this exhibition will stand alone or collectively as a whole within each mural. Most pieces are available at under $500.

Due to the popularity of this exhibition, it is strongly recommended that patrons arrive early for the best selection.

Participating artists include: Ray Albarez, Brad Albright, Todd Bot, Chetley Cade, Tom Currie, IZK, George Fowler, Allison Gillies, Jenny Heissenhuber, Steven Hamilton, Robert Irby, Nick Glenn, Paxton Maroney, George Mendez, Christian Millet, Dusty Moore, Erin & Steve Reeves, Clint Scism, Francois Shogreen, George Wallace III, and Minji Watrous.


There’s been a lot of activity at Kettle this year with the past two ‘Love of” shows and the earlier three short run exhibits we’ve hosted thus far. It’s time we settle down a little and show you who has recently inspired our walls. Infusion features multiple works by these dozen artists, all of which appear to be on their game and excel in their chosen mediums. Kettle Art patrons, lovers, artists & supporters, get ready to be excited, because I know we are, about bringing your attention to the artists of Infusion.

‘Infusion’ artists in alphabetical order are:
Venus Art, Elizabeth Dryden, Jenny Heissenhuber, Jose May, Eric Mancini, Eliana Miranda, Lock Murrell, Alfredo Pena, Francois Shogreen, Jeff Skeely, AnneMarie Talon and Emily Yandell.

This show runs through Saturday, March, 19


Hot on the heals of our ‘For Love of Kettle’ annual fundraiser, this show ‘For the Love of Artists’ features the same artists who have just shown their love & support for this gallery.

The idea for this show was inspired by the many artists who donate towards various causes, while slaving away, broke as hell, struggling to earn a living. This exhibit serves as a unique ‘Thank You’ for helping us out and 100% of the proceeds of sales during this exhibit go directly to those artists!

Show these heroes some Love, opening Thursday, February 11 – Saturday February, 20, 2016


“For the Love of Kettle” is a One Night Only benefit for the gallery that opens at 7:00pm sharp on February 6th.

All works are sold for $50.00 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Absolutely, no pre-sales are allowed.

This is a show unlike any other! Arrive early to take your place in line for a chance to grab some incredible art by Dallas’ finest artists!


In November 2015, Kettle Art was offered the opportunity to curate an exhibit to spotlight artists of Art Con 11 who caught our eye. The tricky part was selecting artists who had never before exhibited at our gallery. This exhibit is the result of that sneak peek of talent. This show runs through Saturday, January 30th.

Artists include:

Gina Benson
Sully Ridout
Jocelyn Garcia
Anne Marie Talon
Andrea Davis
Sierra Sintic

and more will be announced in the near future!