Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Birds, Cats, Skulls, YEAH!’ opening Thursday March 30, 7:00 – 10:00pm.

This group exhibition features three unrelated, but popular, images that frequently make an appearance on our walls. Birds have long been associated with freedom, spirits, messengers, prophecy, and feminine energies. Cats, in many cultures, represent power, creativity in spiritual matters, and resurrection. Hence, the mythology surrounding nine lives. Skulls represent life, death, and mortality. All three of these subjects have been potrayed throughout time.

Artists include: Erin Curry, Richard Ross, Brian Crawford, Katrina Rasmussen, Nicholas Williams, Erin Reeves, Johnny Hawkins, Jennifer Lafleur, Justin Clumpner, Amber Campagna, Nick Glenn, Corey Godfrey, Clint Scism, Hilda Lafleur, Jeff Skele, George Wallace III, Amy Seymour, Bill Rogers, Jennifer Gregory Portz, Steve Rainwater, Frank Campagna and many more.

The exhibit runs through Saturday, May 6.



140 – (truth or dare)

A new performance installation by Erica Felicella

March 23 at the Kettle Art Gallery

In a world where social media has become a daily part of our lives at what point is it now controlling our dialog completely? At one point what used to be articles has become 140 characters of thoughts and statements. Are these our truths or are they dares of things that may have happened and what lies ahead.

It has also created an automatic response to the world we live in. It was not that long ago when news had to be written, printed and then delivered to your doorstep or newsstand before we even heard about it. With time on its side to allow things to play out in a more natural pace.

That brings us to today and almost one year’s worth of a twitter feed. Following a dialog that is shaping the direct world around us. At what point are we going to be governed 140 characters at a time. Is it a “truth” or is it a “dare”? That is for you to decide as you immerse yourself into the sphere.


Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Contextual Assembly’ a group exhibit featuring new works by Corey Godfrey, Hilda Lafleur, Roberta Masciarelli, and Amy Seymour. From Corey’s soft, yarn focus on stones, to Hilda’s psychedelic imagery, to Roberta’s recycled constructions, to Amy’s imaginative world of clay, these four artists are united in whimsical, dream-like realities. This exhibit opens on Thursday, February 23, 2017, from 7:00-10:00pm, and runs through Saturday, March 18.

Corey Godfrey is a Texas-based artist whose past works have focused primarily on women as subject matter, utilizing yarn as her medium, a material traditionally associated with them. In her current series, Corey is inspired by stones found in nature that exemplify beauty, strength, and a profound sense of femininity. Corey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from North Texas State University.

Roberta Masciarelli is a Brazilian-born visual artist based in Dallas for the past eighteen years. Her art consists of sculptures, or constructions, created from found objects and materials, such as metal hardware. Having been a full-time artist for approximately ten years, Roberta has participated in art events within the US including Dallas, Washington DC, Santa Fe, Sedona, and New York. Internationally, she has exhibited in collective exhibits in England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Bosnia, Japan, Italy, and India. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

HIlda Lafleur is a self-taught, Texas-born-and-bred artist. Hilda’s unique eye for color produces upbeat paintings inspired by frequent trips throughout Europe, further influenced by a life spent in Dallas during the turbulent sixties, seventies, and beyond. Her works are created on hand made canvas and painted with a unique concoction of acrylic paint and secret ingredients.

Amy Seymour is a Dallas native who has been creating art, sculpture, and photography for approximately twenty years. Amy’s work depicts a playful and mischievous vision from a dreamy realm within her subconscious view of the world around us.


‘For the Love of Artists’ features artists who have just shown their ‘Love of’ this gallery. This show is inspired by the many artists who donate towards various causes, while slaving away, broke as hell, struggling to earn a living. This exhibit serves as a unique ‘Thank You’ for helping Kettle Art and 100% of the proceeds of sales during this exhibit go directly to those artists!

Show these heroes some Love, opening Thursday, February 9 – Saturday February, 18, 2016


“For the Love of Kettle” is perhaps the most highly anticipated event of our year. This One-Night-Only, annual fundraiser keeps Kettle Art Gallery operating in the black, allowing us 51 weeks a year of eclectic, North Texas based, cultural programming. Over one hundred and fifty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists that exhibit & support this gallery. There are no previews or pre-sales available to anyone, so please get here early and grab a place in line, as the doors open at 7:00PM sharp.

For a brief rundown on how this event goes down here is a blog post / review done a couple of years back by blogger Bill Chance.

Participating artists in the Love of Kettle 2017 include:
Roberta Mascarelli, Jeff Skele, Erica Guajardo, Carrie Carr, Daniel Yanez, Emily Yandell, Ruben Ramirez, Katrina Rasmussen, Mandy Paquette, Suzi Migdol, Michael McPheeters, Sarah Gutierrez, Matt Rappolo, Justin Clumpner, Audrey DaLorie, Miguel Aquilar, Colin Lafleur, Raymond Butler, Judith Lea Perkins, Jenn Lefleur, Francois Shogreen, Chai Bryant, MAK, Miranda Young, Clinton Young, Annette Guzmain, Alexis Saucedo, Heather Shoulders, Richard Ross, Gabriela Elguea, Erin Curry, David B. Dewberry, Diana Almond, Alicia Vasquez, P.J. Smithey, Duke Horn, George Wallace III, Johnny Hawkins, Emily Hawkins, Tomas Alemann, Kris Swenson, Leslie Cooper, Brad Albright, Allen Hallman, Joshua Noyes, Kelly Saunders, Joseph DeLeon, Carrie Sharp, Natalie Small, Veronica Young, Lacie Pierre, Robert Garza, Silvia Chavez, Jon Martin, Brittany Hayden, Erin & Steve Reeves, Alex Alfaro, Joey Chabolla, Chris Thames, Nicholas Williams, Barbara Chasham, Cecilia Jimenez, Susan Carson, Matthew T. Rader, Holli Michener, Margo Miller, Marilyn Vicente, Jennefer Gregory Portz, Billy Coleman,Hilda LaFleur, Mara Rothman, Anthony Martinez, Jaime Hudson, Jennifer G. Thompson, Todd Macaulay, Sonja Quintero, Alfredo Pina, Brian A. Crawford, Enrique Mascorro, J. Zamora, Sarah Zamora, Jody Aderhold, Frank Campagna and more…


Kettle Art proudly presents Art Con Select 2017, opening Thursday, January 12, 7:00-10:00pm.

This exhibition is one of our annual favorites, marking the third year of collaboration on this project with our long-time friends at Art Conspiracy. The preliminary guidelines for this exhibit are: each artist is chosen from one-hundred-fifty artists based on a single piece created for the much-lauded, annual Art Conspiracy fundraiser the previous Fall; and every artist chosen may not have ever exhibited previously at Kettle Art.

In keeping with these guidelines, this exhibit adheres to the idealism that Kettle was based on, to welcome and promote emerging and mid-career North Texas artists. We are excited to include this new roster of artists, and look forward to kicking off the new year with them.

Artists for Art Con Select 2017 are: Elizabeth Baca, Jim Campbell, Pamela Danai, Holly Gray, Erika Krivda, Todd Macaulay, Mak, Shoby Modjarrad. Emily Nigma, Eva Semrad, Jiri Semrad, Lauren Shafer, Olivia Themudo, Can Turkyilmaz, and Maggie Turkyilmaz.

Up next: For the Love of Kettle, our official, one and only, annual fundraiser. One night only, Saturday, February 4. Doors open at 7:00pm. All works just $50.


In this season of celebrations, Kettle Art presents Holiday Presence #12, our annual art and gift show featuring small works and unique, artisan-crafted pieces made exclusively by local artists.

The exhibit runs through December 24. Watch for special announcements throughout the exhibit, artists collaborating on-site, updates on new items, impromptu parties, and extended hours.

Artists include Richard Ross, Erin Curry, Brad Albright, Steve & Erin Reeves, Brandon Adams, Cathey Miller, Clint Scism, Amy Seymour, Francois Shogreen, Nick Glenn, Jennifer Lafleur, Miguel Aguilar, Hilda LaFleur, Steven Hamilton, Judith Lea Perkins, Justin Clumpner, Amber Campagna, Jeff Skely, Erica Guajardo, George Wallace III and more… Most pieces are less than $100.00 and everything is under $200.00. In light of the holiday gift-buying season, all pieces are cash and carry.

Join us as we continue our mission of presenting the amazing local artists who make our art scene one of the most vibrant in the country!


Every now & then, we come across an artist who creates multi-layered works. These unique works sometimes can be a challenge when they quite literally ‘stick out’ amidst the other pieces in any given exhibition. More often than not, works like this have been known to overwhelm other, flatter, 2-D works. So what’s a gallery to do?

Our solution is ‘Dimensional Faux Show’ where we gathered four of our finest ‘off the wall’ artists to hang together. Brad Albright, Erin Curry, Nick Glenn and Clint Scism all tend to create their works above, below or beyond the surface with great care and craftsmanship. The images these four put forth are equally intriguing as they are stunning. There’s no doubt it takes a special breed of artists to take their work so serious that a single surface is not enough to convey their image. Come see for yourself when this show opens, Thursday, November 10, 2016, 6:00 – 9:00

Brad Albright is a freelance illustrator, graphic artist, and merchandising designer whose line-based illustration style draws influence from underground comics, classical engravings, rock posters and album covers alike. Presented in retro 3D with red/blue glasses, Albright’s newest series invites viewers to enter dense concert crowd scenes while imagining their own personal soundtracks

Nick Glenn, Texas artist that works in reduction. Combining elements of woodworking, printmaking, and painting to create multi-layered works of a classic influence.

Erin Curry has a collegiate background in Organismal Biology and is a self taught artist. She works with ink on watercolor paper and wood panel to create pieces to be hand cut and ultimately collaged within a shadowbox format. Erin travels extensively to art fairs across the country to exhibit and sell her work.

Clint Scism is a Texas artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Scism specializes in layered illustrations using ink, tea-stain, and water color to show his subjects, their inner workings and their backgrounds. Illustrated layers float above and below each other within the frame. Clint Scism also transforms his drawings into wire sculptures using copper and blackened metal. Clint classifies himself as a shadow dropper. Whether it’s wire or ink, the shadows and how the art plays with light are the constant themes.


Opening reception for Caught in the Act: Texas Photographers Capture Texas Music this Thursday, October 27th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Mike Brooks
Erin Rambo
Daniel Rodrigue
Erin & Steven Reeves
Jason Janik
Rico DeLeon
Joel Winburne

Come meet the photographers and enjoy their work!

(Photo above by Joel Winburne.)


Foundation 45 and Kettle Art join forces to present “Art of the Guitar” on October 22, 2016, 7:00 p.m., at the gallery’s space located at 2650-B Main St., Dallas, Texas.

This one-night-only event features a live auction of donated guitars transformed into works of art by forty-five North Texas artists. Some instruments will remain intact and playable, while others will not, with the final artworks reflecting the characteristic style of each artist.

All proceeds will fund mental health and addiction services provided in Deep Ellum by Foundation 45.

This event is free of charge and open to the public. Complimentary refreshments will be served.

For more information, please visit: