In honor of Local Music Month, Kettle Art proudly presents “Shot by Shot: North Texas Photographers cover Texas Music”. This exhibit features North Texas (and beyond) renowed photographers Mike Brooks, Rachel Parker, Cal Quinn, Bryan Coonrod, Alan Hayslip and more. This show curated by Jason Janik, will indeed rock your world…

Opening Friday, October 20, 6:00 – 9:00PM.

Show runs through Saturday, October 28th



Opening Thursday, September 21, 2017, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM, Kettle Art is pleased to host ‘Deep Prizzi’. This show features works by three North Texas artists who were chosen earlier this year to paint murals in Prizzi, Sicily. The ‘Dallas in Prizzi’ artists, Olivia Cole, Maria Haag and Frank Campagna, all come from diverse artistic backgrounds and the murals they produced were equally unique. Amazingly, when they joined forces on this effort, their finished works complimented each other beautifully, ranging from religious, traditional and political subject matter. This endeavor was widely praised numerous times in the Italian national media and recieved some coverage here in the U.S. by local NPR affiliate ‘Art & Seek’. Now it’s Dallas turn to see how these three artists, along with photographs by project executive producer Dr. Dave Atikinson, fair within the walls of a gallery setting in their hometown. This show runs through September 30.


Over the past 12 years, Kettle Art has worn its commitment to Texas artists as a badge of solidarity and respect for the incredible talent in our state. Following the recent tragic events on the Gulf Coast, the Dallas-based artists in our community present “kettle art for hoUSton artists” as a one-night-only fundraiser to assist our artist brothers and sisters in their time of need. 100% of the proceeds from this evening will be donated to CERFplus:: The Artists Safety Net.

Saturday, September 9 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Confirmed artists donating so far for this one night only event include: Erin Curry, Justin Clumpner, Amber Campagna, Brian Crawford, Katrina Rasmussen, Richard Ross, Cabe Booth, Judith Lea Perkins, Jason Janik, Amy Seymour, Jonathan Creel, Jennifer Gregory Portz, Candice Lindsay, Frank Campagna, Jennifer Lafleur, Misty Amber Moore, Roy Cirigliana, Susan Carson, Paul Pena and more. Also, a limited edition of this incredible work by William ‘Bubba’ Flint will be available on a first come first served basis.


Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Black & White and Read all Over’ featuring Illustrators Brad Albright, William ‘Bubba’ Flint and Miguel ‘Miggy’ Aguilar.

Illustrations are everywhere. In the papers, on the web, on products, on billboards and more. They instruct, amuse, infuriate, tell us what to buy /where to go, and overall are an integral part of our lives. The three artists we present come from three diverse areas of illustration and essentially cover all previously mentioned aspects of living in America.

This show runs through August 19, 2017

About the Artists:

Brad Albright is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and merch designer working with leading licenses in music, entertainment, and publishing. Guided by a lifelong love of drawing, his specialties include album cover illustration and 3D poster design for retro red/blue glasses. As inspired by music, comics, literature and movies, his line-art illustrations often revel in science fiction, horror, and Wild West genres. The pieces on display include gig posters, personal illustrations, and pop-culture inspired poster art, most of which are presented in 3D with provided glasses.

William “Bubba” Flint received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University. His Editorial Cartoons appear in The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Cowboys Star magazine, The Katy Trail Weekly, The White Rock Lake Weekly, Park Cities People, Preston Hollow People and Amusement Today. Flint has also illustrated six children books. Artist Statement: I describe my work as Future Paintings of the Past! I find inspiration from all areas of Pop Culture. Childhood memories constantly creep into my paintings. With a nod to Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow and Underground, I want the paintings to give a quick glimpse into a universe that almost makes you smile…

Miguel “Miggy” Aguilar has been part of the Dallas underground since the early 2000’s when he introduced his first three comic books under the title of “Mr. Zombie”. After that he started showing his lowbrow artwork at bars around the Deep Ellum area. He was invited to show in his first gallery show at Nine Eyes Gallery in the winter of 2005 where he met the artist & future gallery owner Frank Campagna of the great Kettle Art. In addition to the lowbrow ink style work that has made him a regular feature at the gallery he has continued to work in the comic book medium, done fliers for bands and is now showing interest as a fine art painter, some of which will be featured in this show.


Kettle Art proudly presents “Sacred: New Works By Justin Clumpner” featuring current illustrations and paintings by the artist, as well as an exclusive, immersive installation, in the artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Clumpner’s work continues to explore the implications of America as a “Christian nation.” Working primarily in paint and collage, he depicts symbolic narratives built around portraiture. Using newspaper and advertisements as source material, Clumpner looks to our contemporary existence to find the maddening, the ironic, and the absurd. He uses this imagery to create secular icons of morality inspired by the stained glass windows and illuminated manuscripts that were ever-present in his upbringing. Using these same symbolic elements mixed with contemporary imagery, he creates something both new and familiar.

As Clumpner explains:

We have declared ourselves a Christian nation, but problematically the generosity, sacrifice, and love of our Christian saints do not align with the needs of contemporary America. We will need new saints. Saints of greed and division. Saints that tear apart man and nature, looking for every lucrative resource, and then building walls to protect that wealth. With that in mind, I have created this monument.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 16th, 5 to 8pm

Kettle Art | Deep Ellum | 2650-B Main Street | Dallas, TX 75226

On view through July 8th


Kettle Art Proudly Presents “Summer Session: Creative Works By DFW’s Teaching Artists”

As William Butler Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Teaching artists balance between educating and producing, constantly stoking their own creative flames while igniting a passion for art in their students. Concurrently working to enrich the lives of children, while maintaining professional practices, they both strengthen the artistic community and enhance their understanding of their individual crafts. This exhibition highlights the work of some of the finest artist educators working in primary and secondary schools in Dallas-Fort Worth. Please join us in celebrating their work and dedication to our community.

Participating artists including:

Chris Bingham

Devyn Gaudet

Dani Kent

Loughridge C. Murrell III

Katrina Rasmussen

Opening reception is Thursday,  June 8th, from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.

On view through Saturday, July 8th.


Kettle Art proudly presents MakeShift PhotoRama: Significance Imposed. This group exhibition features twelve local photographers paired with twelve local writers in a collision of words and images.

Born from a love affair between the written word and the photographic eye, this exhibition is certain to take you on a roadtrip that will invoke a strong sense of passion, persistence and the wide open spaces unique to Texas.

Photographers & Writers

Diane Durant & Christopher Stephen Soden
Don Essmiller & A. Kendra Greene
Devyn Gaudet & Andrew Koch
Justin Goode & Caitlin Pryor
Jason Lee & Sebastian Paramo
Paxton Maroney & Dan Collins
Erin Reeves & Leslie Aguilar
Steven Reeves & Courtney Marie
Guy Reynolds & Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi
Rachel Rushing & Robin Turner
David Simpson & Lisa Huffaker & Tim Cloward
Patti Simpson & Joe Milazzo


Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Birds, Cats, Skulls, YEAH!’ opening Thursday March 30, 7:00 – 10:00pm.

This group exhibition features three unrelated, but popular, images that frequently make an appearance on our walls. Birds have long been associated with freedom, spirits, messengers, prophecy, and feminine energies. Cats, in many cultures, represent power, creativity in spiritual matters, and resurrection. Hence, the mythology surrounding nine lives. Skulls represent life, death, and mortality. All three of these subjects have been potrayed throughout time.

Artists include: Erin Curry, Richard Ross, Brian Crawford, Katrina Rasmussen, Nicholas Williams, Erin Reeves, Johnny Hawkins, Jennifer Lafleur, Justin Clumpner, Amber Campagna, Nick Glenn, Corey Godfrey, Clint Scism, Hilda Lafleur, Jeff Skele, George Wallace III, Amy Seymour, Bill Rogers, Jennifer Gregory Portz, Steve Rainwater, Frank Campagna and many more.

The exhibit runs through Saturday, May 6.


140 – (truth or dare)

A new performance installation by Erica Felicella

March 23 at the Kettle Art Gallery

In a world where social media has become a daily part of our lives at what point is it now controlling our dialog completely? At one point what used to be articles has become 140 characters of thoughts and statements. Are these our truths or are they dares of things that may have happened and what lies ahead.

It has also created an automatic response to the world we live in. It was not that long ago when news had to be written, printed and then delivered to your doorstep or newsstand before we even heard about it. With time on its side to allow things to play out in a more natural pace.

That brings us to today and almost one year’s worth of a twitter feed. Following a dialog that is shaping the direct world around us. At what point are we going to be governed 140 characters at a time. Is it a “truth” or is it a “dare”? That is for you to decide as you immerse yourself into the sphere.


Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Contextual Assembly’ a group exhibit featuring new works by Corey Godfrey, Hilda Lafleur, Roberta Masciarelli, and Amy Seymour. From Corey’s soft, yarn focus on stones, to Hilda’s psychedelic imagery, to Roberta’s recycled constructions, to Amy’s imaginative world of clay, these four artists are united in whimsical, dream-like realities. This exhibit opens on Thursday, February 23, 2017, from 7:00-10:00pm, and runs through Saturday, March 18.

Corey Godfrey is a Texas-based artist whose past works have focused primarily on women as subject matter, utilizing yarn as her medium, a material traditionally associated with them. In her current series, Corey is inspired by stones found in nature that exemplify beauty, strength, and a profound sense of femininity. Corey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from North Texas State University.

Roberta Masciarelli is a Brazilian-born visual artist based in Dallas for the past eighteen years. Her art consists of sculptures, or constructions, created from found objects and materials, such as metal hardware. Having been a full-time artist for approximately ten years, Roberta has participated in art events within the US including Dallas, Washington DC, Santa Fe, Sedona, and New York. Internationally, she has exhibited in collective exhibits in England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Bosnia, Japan, Italy, and India. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

HIlda Lafleur is a self-taught, Texas-born-and-bred artist. Hilda’s unique eye for color produces upbeat paintings inspired by frequent trips throughout Europe, further influenced by a life spent in Dallas during the turbulent sixties, seventies, and beyond. Her works are created on hand made canvas and painted with a unique concoction of acrylic paint and secret ingredients.

Amy Seymour is a Dallas native who has been creating art, sculpture, and photography for approximately twenty years. Amy’s work depicts a playful and mischievous vision from a dreamy realm within her subconscious view of the world around us.