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The Part And The Whole

Opening Reception – 3.7.13 7pm-10pm
Show runs through 3.23.13

About the Artist:
Derek Rankins pays homage to his roots in rural Southeastern Kansas. In 2004 he worked as a lab technician for the last remaining Kodachrome processor until which he moved to Texas to pursue a photography career. In 2006, Rankins received his Bachelors in Photography from Texas A&M University-Commerce and began developing his personal work over the next five years. Derek is now pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the University of North Texas in Denton with an expected graduation date of May 2013.

About the Work:
“The Part and The Whole” is a visual representation of how I interpret my surroundings and how I interact with these parts of culture. It is a comprehensive collection of miscellanea and explores the possible narratives that take place. As I have attempted to visualize the sum of its parts, I have come to see that there is no whole, that the parts are infinitely divisible.