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The Concept behind 45 Fest is to raise awareness of mental heath for both Artists & Musicians. Given we lost two exceptional area talents earlier this year this issue must be addressed. As much as we loved these guys, this is not intended to be a ‘boo hoo’ fest but instead one concerned with those of us left behind.

Things kick off at Kettle ‘the Art of the Guitar’ an exhibition of painted guitars by preeminent visual artists, will be sold to further this effort. Guitar Center is on board and have donated 20 and many others have donated instruments as well. Expect this become an annual event much like the Art of Skateboarding. All guitars will be functional and available in a silent auction beginning at 7:00PM.

The list of artists painting guitars for the silent auction is as follows: Richard Ross, Barry Kooda, Judith Lea Perkins, Jason Barnett, Issac Davies, Dan Colcer, Jerod Davies, Jessica Terry, Erica Felicella, Mark Nelson, Corey Godfrey, Brian Crawford, Cabe Booth, Alexandra Olivia, Tyson Summers, Clint Scism, Amber Campagna, Scotty Mankoff, Jamie Mahood, Mark Cornwell, Michelle McLaughlin, George Wallace III, Robb Conover, Christian Millet, Cathryn Colcer, and more.

At Club Dada musical performances by Hello Lover, Jim Suhler, the Mike Haskins Experience, the Marfalites, Dog Company, Here Holy Spain, Josh Fleming of the Phuss, from Houston the Sellouts and Dallas punk rock legends the Assassins are confirmed. Also Spector 45 drummer, Animal Anthony Delabano will debut his first ever non-Frankie project the Black Habits. Overall, ‘only guitar oriented bands are participating as these guys were Rock & Roll. Music that relies on turntables or computers, just won’t fly here.’

The order of appearance is tentatively…
830 Jim Suhler – indoors
900 Josh Fleming of the Phuss – outdoors
930 The Black Habits – indoors
1000 the Mike Haskins Experience – outdoors
1030 Dog Company – indoors
1100 Hello Lover – outdoors
1130 Here Holy Spain – indoors
1200 the Assassins – outdoors
1230 the Sellouts – indoors
100 the Marfalites – outdoors

Printed ‘In Your Face’ literature w/ Help Hotlines will be available at both venues that clearly point out options for those who may be or know someone who is upset, depressed or unstable.

Last but not least, a 24 song CD of Frankie’s unreleased music, demos and live tracks will be available, as well new 45 T-shirts and stickers. All will be limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

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