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Fractal Logic 2

Texas native sculptor, long-time Dallas resident, and prodigal son George Fowler has returned from New York City after matriculating at the New York Academy of Art. His first curatorial endeavor since returning is Kettle Art’s “Fractal Logic 2.” The event features 25 local Texas artists including painters, photographers, and sculptors.

Each artist will create a large mural comprised of at least one dozen smaller canvases, boards, etc. hung edge-to-edge, that when viewed from afar, form one cohesive piece. Each of these individual pieces, numbering over 1,000 works in all, will stand alone as solo pieces. Most are available at under $500.

Participating artists include: Ray Albarez, Brad Albright, Cabe Booth, Chetley Cade, Dan Colcer, Tom Currie, IZK, Daniel Driensky, Hatziel Flores, George Fowler, Jenna Fredde, Kevin Gilmore, Joe Hardy, Scott Horn, Robert Irby, Nick Glenn, Theresa Mangum, Dusty Morre, Jennifer Portz, Erin & Steve Reeves, Richard Ross, Ross von Rosenberg, Tyson Summers, and Minji Watrous.

The Sour Grapes Crew


For immediate release:

Kettle Art presents “Sour Grapes”, an exhibit featuring internationally acclaimed Oak Cliff artists Arturo Donjuan, Carlos Donjuan, and Miguel Donjuan.

Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, September 11, 7-10pm at Kettle Art Gallery, 2650-B Main St., Dallas 75226. The exhibit runs through Saturday, September 27, during regular gallery hours and by appointment.

For video of the creation of the large mural on view during this exhibit, visit

For more information, please contact, or visit the facebook event page:

About Sour Grapes

– Established in 2000 in Oak Cliff, Texas, the Sour Grapes Art Collective transitioned from graffiti artists to painters, sculptors, and photographers exhibiting in galleries across the US and Europe.

– Commissioned by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs to create the Jefferson Viaduct mural, Spring 2014.

– Presentations by UTA Adjunct Professor Carlos Donjuan include various lecture series hosted by the Dallas Contemporary and the Dallas Museum of Art.

– Works included in the Cheech Marin Collection, of “Cheech and Chong”, comprising the largest private collection of Chicano art in the world.

– Recent collaborations include Red Bull, Nike, Cinelli, Alife, and Fiat.

– National and regional publication mentions include: Juxtapoz, New American Paintings, The Dallas Observer, Dallas News, and D Magazine.


2014 Sour Grapes: From Street to Studio, University of Texas at San Antonio exhibit:

2014 Jefferson Viaduct mural:

2014 Everyone’s Time Is Their Own, San Francisco exhibit:

2013 Juxtapoz Magazine:

2013 Sour Grapes: Open Studio:

Sour Grapes Mural

Dogs And Dogs



The dog days of summer are almost here, and we’re celebrating by giving the dogs the run of the gallery!

This Saturday, June 28, 2-6pm, Kettle Art invites you to enjoy a dog day afternoon dedicated to our furry BFFs. Admission is free and open to the public.

Join us as we roll out the red carpet with a complimentary Pooch Photo Booth, treats provided by Deep Ellum’s premiere pet supplier The Upper Paw, world-famous Chicago Dogs from our soon-to-be-neighbors Wild About Harry’s, and Pet Portraiture commissions by artist Darlene Schaper.

Free treat-packed backpacks for the first 75 pups, courtesy of The Upper Paw.

Be sure to check out the beautiful art in our current exhibit “Departing the Kingdom of Sensibility” featuring sculptor Darlene Schaper, photographer Zoie Vandal, and painter Jodi VonRotten, on view through June 28.

The Upper Paw is an upscale pet supply store for all your best friends’ needs. We provide everything your dog or cat needs for a happy healthy life, from the best all natural foods and treats to functional yet good looking outerwear to leashes and collars to bedding, bowls and crates that your best friend will love you for. Look for us at 2809 Commerce Street, Deep Ellum, Texas! Cool water is always available for your dog. And you too!

Wild About Harry’s: Help us welcome Harry’s to the Deep Ellum neighborhood, with an estimated opening date in late summer 2014.
Since 1996, Harry has been inviting Dallas families to be a part of his own family tradition of frozen custard and hot dogs. His store on Knox Street is a gathering place for all generations to enjoy good food and fun. While serving up his mother’s recipe of creamy frozen custard in many flavors made daily, award-winning hot dogs, and a friendly atmosphere, Harry’s has become the place to eat and relax for many North Texans.

Departing The Kingdom Of Sensibility


Kettle Art proudly presents “Departing the Kingdom of Sensibility” featuring works by sculptor Darlene Schaper, photographer Zoie Vandal, and painter Jodi VonRotten.

On view in this exhibit, three disparate mediums converge in an eclectic exploration of surrealism and the female artistic perspective.

Darlene Schaper is a Native Oregonian living in Dallas, Texas and a graduate of the Pacific NW College of Art. The artist’s work combines decorative elements and embellishes objects into 3-D sculptural worlds of wonder. Using vintage fur, lace, discarded toys, and much more, she reinvents obscure antiques and oddities into precious animals, sculptures, shrines and reliquaries.

Zoie Vandal is a multifaceted artist whose work encompasses a range of genres, including photography, music, dance, modeling, production, SFX, and set work. The artist’s stylized photographic images have recently been featured in Vogue and Dark Beauty magazines.

Jodi VonRotten is a visual artist and university professor concerned with the exploration of identity and the individual through the examination of boundaries and relationships, materials and process, and anatomy vs. the figure. The artist brings to life narrations that create a bridge between reality and the unseen reality.

Kettle Art opened in November of 2005 with the intent of reviving a neighborhood in decline. In bringing the Deep Ellum area ‘back to it’s roots’ the gallery also offered countless Texas based artists a place to show. With an ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ attitude, uncommon in most galleries at the time, the overall mission has been achieved.

Kettle Art, in it’s present location, will be closing in late spring. We see this as a great opportunity for expansion of ideas and creativity to benefit our community.

Our concluding schedule at 2714 Elm is as follows:

February 9, 2013 – For the Love of Kettle – One night Only!
Opens February 16 – For the Love of Artists – Feb. 23, 2013
Opens March 7 – Derek Rankins The Part & the Whole (Thesis Show) – Mar. 23
Opens March 28 – Justin Terveen – April 13
Opens April 18 – Past Present & Future (a gallery retrospect) – May 4.

This can be seen as the end of an era but may also be viewed as a new beginning. News of our relocation will come once the dust has settled. Please rest assured this is a giant step forward.

Frank Campagna

Read the following Pegasus News article for details:
Over the years Kettle has received:

Five ‘Readers Choice’ awards for Best Art Gallery in the Dallas Observer‘s annual ‘Best of Dallas’ issue, losing only twice to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Three, top five placements of North Texas galleries on the WFAA A-List, coming in at #5 in 2009, #2 in 2010 and #1 in 2011.

National publications mentions include: USA Today, Art News, Juxtapoz, Twisted South and most recently in Art Places in America.

“The road to the store” is a simple incomplete sentence that Richard Ross kept typing over and over while sitting alone in a cubicle somewhere lost in a postmodern work place.
Why did he type it? 
What did it mean?
It seemed an easy statement that flowed as he typed. At first, it had no meaning at all. It was just the words; “the road to the store”, “the road to the store”. Over and over, he typed them.

“The road to the store”.

What could that mean?

We go to the store to get what we want, and need.

As in life, we work towards something; some end that we want, need, or hope to accomplish.

In life, we are on a road to a store.

Artist Reception, August 23rd from 7-10pm.

Don’t miss this.

For The Love Of The Artists 2012
This show similar in name to the our last exhibit ‘For the Love of Kettle’. In fact, it’s only open to those artists who participated in ‘For the Love of Kettle’. What makes ‘For The Love Of The Artists’ different, is that it’s our way of saying thank you to them.
With this idea, we’re going 100% against the grain of any successful business. 100% of the sales will go back directly to the artist. Yes, it’s a crazy concept, but we’re aware first hand that artists are constantly asked (and usually deliver) for donations to various causes. How often do any of these recipients give back anything more than a thank you when it’s all said and done?
So there you go. That’s what we’re up to next, and we’re giving it a shot. With any luck, those who have asked a favor of these artists (the poorest group of philanthropists) will consider a bit of a payback.

On Saturday, January 14th, Kettle Art will open its doors for the premiere of “ArtHash: Open Salon”. We sat down with the “un-curator”, Sonia Semone, to learn a bit more about this show.

Intermingled are images of pieces that will be part of this upcoming show by Liz London, Ricardo Paniagua & Michael SirHendrey. 


ArtHash Open Salon Show

Kettle – Just so everyone can get to know you a bit better, Sonia, can you tell is a bit about yourself?

Sonia – Oh goodness, this could be a long answer. The short answer is, I am short, I am from Tyler, and I am down with Art.

Kettle – How long have you been involved in the Dallas art scene? In particular, how did you become involved with Kettle Art?

Sonia – Being from Tyler left me with few possibilities over the years to show my work so I started selling works online on Ebay.  I had a nice cushy little business if the truth were told, and then one day the whole thing went dead with a site change they made.  The result was obvious — depression.  After feeling sorry for myself, I decided to blog.  I didn’t know anything about blogging, but I wanted to help artists somehow — and that is how ArtHash was born.  I also started a group on Facebook.  Now the ArtHash group is a spirited fun group of artists, that not only joke a lot– but help others with art information.  It was from this group that a show idea came up. All we needed was a venue and that’s where Richard Ross came in.  He said he might be able to help, and he came through with the Kettle Venue.  I am most grateful to him and to Kettle for letting us put on a show.  The show is going to be kick ass by the way.

Ricardo Paniagua

Ricardo Paniagua

Kettle – Why did you decide to curate a show at Kettle?

Sonia – I like to say it is “Uncurated” in that no one was told they could not hang work.  We took in as many as we thought we could hold.  By doing this there will be an unfiltered look at what’s going on in the art world around us.

Kettle – So, the name of the event you are “un-curating” is “ArtHash Open Salon Show”. Where did you get the name? How did you arrive at that title?

Sonia – The Salon in the title refers to the hanging style. It will not be hung in the gallery method.  Open means everyone was welcome up until we thought we would run out of space.

Kettle – What is this show about?

Sonia – The show is about artists bringing in work to a great local gallery and putting on something unique, and having fun while doing it.  This show is going to be an art party.  Who wouldn’t want to come to that?

Liz London

Liz London

Kettle – What is its theme?

Sonia – The show is open to all mediums and every idea so there is no set theme.

Kettle – Where did you come up with the idea?

Sonia – The idea came when the ArtHash group on Facebook were talking about how it is hard to show work these days.  There are so many associated fees and competitions to enter.  It was a long post really, but the end result was the thought — why don’t we just have our own show, the way we want to.

Kettle – What was your inspiration?

Sonia – My personal inspiration has been watching all the artists work their asses off every day for their art.  I just want to help facilitate that somehow.  To try and make something fun that we can all enjoy and be excited about participating in.

Liz London

Liz London

Kettle – Who are the artists that are represented in this show & can you tell us a bit about a few of them?

Sonia – I want to list them all, because that is what this show is about — everyone, not just one person.  Lets see, about them: they rock!

Adnan Razvi
Alison Jardine
Andrea Davis
Andy Morris
Brian A Crawford
Brett Dyer
Camille Green
Carolyn Collins
Chad Evans
Christian Millet
Cigi Ingram
David A Bell
David Brown
Frank Tringali
Gina Marie Dunn
Iris Candelaria
Jack Sheely
Jacq Chubirka
Jacque Allen Forsher
Jeremy McKane
Jacqueline Colt Marchioni
Johanna Roffino-Hulsey
John Paul Gardner
Junanne Peck
Judith Seay
Kevin Andrew Kunreuther
Kevin Obregon
Leon Sarantos
Levi Leddy
Lilia Estrada
Linda Bourgault
Lisa Rachel Horlander
Liz London
Luis Fernando Camacho
Manuel M. Pecina
Melissa Wertz
Michael Francis
Michael SirHendrey
Mike Salcido
Nix Johnson
Quincy Wakefield
Renee Vandevere
Ricardo Paniagua
Snow White
Roy E. Vance
Samantha Price Fischer Kyle
Scott Dorn
Scott Shubin
Teri Lueders
Tony Reans
Yarilee Rivera
Zerep Egroj
Sonia Semone
Robb Conover
Paul Pena
Ross von Rosenberg
Kettle – How did you choose them?
Sonia – Everyone that is part of ArtHash was invited for this show.  Once we hit around 50 artists we knew that we could not really take anymore for this particular show.
Kettle – What did they have in common (or not) that made you want them all in a show together?
Sonia – We are all part of ArtHash
Liz London

Liz London

Kettle – Describe what one can expect at the opening of this show.
Sonia – I hope that everyone has a great time.  That experience is great all around.  You can also expect great art! 
Kettle – Is there anything else you might want to say about this upcoming show?
Sonia – Besides the fact that it will be fantastic, not too much else.
Kettle – Do you have any plans to curate a similar show in the future?
Sonia – I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve.   If so, when & where?  TBA
Michael SirHendrey

Michael SirHendrey

Kettle – Do you have any other shows coming up?
Sonia – I am going to be part of the Alley’s house Incrementum II fundraiser.  It will be a great show.  I love their model as well- 50% to the charity and 50% to the artists.  How can you beat that? Oh– and they gave every one of us a canvas. 
Kettle – Where else can one interact with Sonia Semone (online or face-to-face)?
Sonia – ArtHash on the web Or on Facebook