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PB & K

On November 3rd at 7:00pm, the doors of Kettle Art will open to bring the art loving masses of DFW a collaboration of sorts between two art communities. One community hailing from Big D (Kettle Art) & one community hailing from the cow town of Fort Worth (Piranha Bear). 

Two different cities …

Two different cultures …

One love of art … 

“PB & K”

 Featuring Works by Piranha Bear Artists:
Rachel Behring
Pussyhouse Propaganda
Misty Meemz Adams
Beka “Squirt” Johnson
Stephanie Leonard
Jack Russell
Susan Matthews
Kevin McGehee
Mark Penland
Mike Moffatt
John Worley
Nick Kirk
Sarah Jane
Cathryn Colcer
Adam Neese
Karolina Phillips
Ronnie Hart
Mandy Paquette

 Featuring Works by Kettle Art Artists:
Lisa Lindholm
Mark Nelson
Corey Godfrey
Frank Campagna
Amber Campagna
Scott Horn
Richard Ross
Cathey Miller
Arayln McGregor
Dan Colcer
George Wallace III
Brad Albright
Laura Doughtie