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Kettle Art opened in November of 2005 with the intent of reviving a neighborhood in decline. In bringing the Deep Ellum area ‘back to it’s roots’ the gallery also offered countless Texas based artists a place to show. With an ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ attitude, uncommon in most galleries at the time, the overall mission has been achieved.

Kettle Art, in it’s present location, will be closing in late spring. We see this as a great opportunity for expansion of ideas and creativity to benefit our community.

Our concluding schedule at 2714 Elm is as follows:

February 9, 2013 – For the Love of Kettle – One night Only!
Opens February 16 – For the Love of Artists – Feb. 23, 2013
Opens March 7 – Derek Rankins The Part & the Whole (Thesis Show) – Mar. 23
Opens March 28 – Justin Terveen – April 13
Opens April 18 – Past Present & Future (a gallery retrospect) – May 4.

This can be seen as the end of an era but may also be viewed as a new beginning. News of our relocation will come once the dust has settled. Please rest assured this is a giant step forward.

Frank Campagna

Read the following Pegasus News article for details:
Over the years Kettle has received:

Five ‘Readers Choice’ awards for Best Art Gallery in the Dallas Observer‘s annual ‘Best of Dallas’ issue, losing only twice to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Three, top five placements of North Texas galleries on the WFAA A-List, coming in at #5 in 2009, #2 in 2010 and #1 in 2011.

National publications mentions include: USA Today, Art News, Juxtapoz, Twisted South and most recently in Art Places in America.



For the Love of Kettle is our one and only annual fundraiser for the gallery. Over one hundred 9 x 12 inch boards are handed out to willing artists that support our cause in supporting the local art community. With our ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ attitude Kettle Art has assisted hundreds of visually inclined folks get their career started and / or established.

This show is ONE NIGHT ONLY and all works are equally priced at only $50.00 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the gallery. This is a …cash & carry event, so get there early. Doors open straight up at 7:00 and there will be no pre-sales.

In turn, all artists can be part of the following show ‘For the Love of Artists’ where 100% of the proceeds go to all participating artists. Please join us by either creating a piece or by attending this incredible show of love & support for ‘the Little Gallery that Could’?

Participating Artists thus far who have picked up boards include: Michael Mattson, Brian Hamm, Rah Stitchez, Scott Mankoff, Saint Virus, April Miller, Monica Moody, Kevin Kunreuther, Anthony Harris Jr, KeLaine Kvale, Andy Murray, Michael Lagocki, Yessica Hernandez, Jason Lott, Mark Kimberlin, Adriane Mcmillon, Tanja Dugas, Moises Vega, Tom Carlton, Carolina Kile, Stephanie Wray, Todd Walthall, Gretchen Luedtke, Ashley Hansen, Heather Horton, Nicole Malloy, Alexis Reece, Sarah Titop, Sharon Hammih, Ricardo Velez, Denise Keeping, Michael Christopher, Cabe Booth, Jennifer Portz, Michelle McLaughlin, Micheal Theim, Melissa Wertz, Ryan Thies, Denise Keeping, Margo Miller, Amber Campagna, Alexandra Olivia, Megan Stephens, Nick C. Kirk, Mike Moffatt, Lisa Lindholm, Orlando Garcia, John Worley, Kimbery Bradshaw Meadows, Diana Almand, Brian Crawford, Susan Carson, Kim Cast, Kelly Jacobi, Tracy Madol, Natalie Glover, Christain Glover, Bruce Mulvihill, Mark Glover, Joe Biggs, Jeremy Biggers, Breonny Lee, Brian Aguire, Danny Rose, Kenny Smith, Doriam, Jessica Galaviz, Heather Shoulders, Fran Cartis, Michael Puttonan, Sarah Zamora, J. Zamora, Kris Swenson, Amy Phillips, Brad Albright and Frank Campagna.

PB & K

On November 3rd at 7:00pm, the doors of Kettle Art will open to bring the art loving masses of DFW a collaboration of sorts between two art communities. One community hailing from Big D (Kettle Art) & one community hailing from the cow town of Fort Worth (Piranha Bear). 

Two different cities …

Two different cultures …

One love of art … 

“PB & K”

 Featuring Works by Piranha Bear Artists:
Rachel Behring
Pussyhouse Propaganda
Misty Meemz Adams
Beka “Squirt” Johnson
Stephanie Leonard
Jack Russell
Susan Matthews
Kevin McGehee
Mark Penland
Mike Moffatt
John Worley
Nick Kirk
Sarah Jane
Cathryn Colcer
Adam Neese
Karolina Phillips
Ronnie Hart
Mandy Paquette

 Featuring Works by Kettle Art Artists:
Lisa Lindholm
Mark Nelson
Corey Godfrey
Frank Campagna
Amber Campagna
Scott Horn
Richard Ross
Cathey Miller
Arayln McGregor
Dan Colcer
George Wallace III
Brad Albright
Laura Doughtie


DALLAS, TX, June 8, 2012 — Dallas/Fort Worth has become a hotbed for original art but there are fresh faces still hidden in the background or haven’t found their first chance to break onto the scene.

Husband and wife team Dan and Cathryn Colcer are two seasoned artists that intend to change that with their upcoming group show “Counter Culture” at Deep Ellum’s legendary Kettle Art Gallery in Dallas. The show opens at 7 p.m. June 14 and runs until June 23. The duo hopes that the relaxed atmosphere and open theme will draw a new crowd to the gallery.

“We just want to showcase people we thought deserved to be out there,” Cathryn said. “Sure there are lots more, but here’s where it starts — putting a few people together in a room and see what happens.”

The show will highlight personal works from eight artists — including a Romanian photographer — covering everything from book carving to quirky cartoon style art as well as paintings from the Colcers. Featured artists include: Ryan Thies, Richard Patterson, Anne Cubbage, Vladimir Bodeanu and Justin Teran.

“Counter Culture” coincides with East Dallas Gallery Day in Deep Ellum and Expo Park in Dallas. Kettle Art is a participant and will be open during the event, which is a unified effort by eight established galleries located in the two art-driven neighborhoods. For more information on Gallery Day, visit

“We are trying to make a good mix of artists and techniques,” Dan said. “This is an experiment based on our will to diversify the art environment and present something new to the public.”


About Dan and Cathryn Colcer:
The Colcers are an art partnership in both personal and professional aspects. Dan Colcer is from the University of Arts in Cluj, Romania and Cathryn is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a married couple, the two of them own Colcerex Trading Co., a cyclical concept of accessible art and artist publicity. The company also serves as a way to engage art patrons with useful, affordable and locally-driven art products.

About Kettle Art Gallery:
Kettle Art, located at 2714 Elm St. in Dallas, TX, is a not-for-profit gallery space located in the heart of Deep Ellum. Following in the spirit of this creative, unique neighborhood, the gallery is committed to providing a venue for local and emerging artists to show their work. The Kettle is run by artists, for artists, on a purely volunteer basis. Visit for more information.

Culture X (Colcerex)

Kettle Art Gallery Presents
Artworks by:
Dan Colcer & Cathryn Colcer

Show Opening: May 31st, 7pm

Event Days and Hours:
Thursday – Saturday 7pm – 10pm

For The Love Of Kettle 2012
For Immediate Release
Kettle Art nurtures up and coming artists in the North Texas area. The original idea was to be ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ offering local talent a quality setting to exhibit their works. This concept has proven successful for over seven years now. We’ve hosted well over 250 exhibits and the number of artists who have graced our walls is well into the thousands. Visual Art groups such as Sour Grapes, ArtHash and Photopolis have unified their efforts at Kettle. Regional ‘Art Stars’ who have shown not only their work but steady love & support for this gallery include Cathey Miller, Sergio Garcia, Lisa Lindholm, Richard Ross, Erica Felicella, Tyson Summers, Judith Lea Perkins, Mark S. Nelson, George Fowler, Dan Colcer and Cabe Booth. These are just few names you may recognize as ‘the Little Gallery that Could’ continues it’s quest in breaking new talent in our fair city.

This effort does however come with a price. In taking on this artistic endeavor of keeping the doors open, our artists always get paid their fair share first, followed by essentials such as rent, electric and sales tax. Despite all staff personnel being voluntary, on the average one out of three exhibits make a profit. Which brings us to the Love of Kettle. This annual event is the one and only fundraiser we do to keep us in the black. All works are created on equally sized 9 x 12 inch boards, by those who care enough to keep this gallery / concept afloat. All works are also equally priced at just $50.00 apiece. These are all sold on a first come first serve basis, which creates quite a buying frenzy, not usually seen at an art gallery.

For the Love of Kettle happens annually on the Saturday prior to Valentines Day, this year on February 11th, 2012 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM. Expect to have the opportunity to own a piece not only by the aforementioned artists but also greats such as Clint Scism, Corey Godfrey, Robb Conover, Cheryl Baker, Brian Crawford, Cathryn Colcer, Brad Albright, Amber Campagna, Ryan Thies, Hatziel Flores, Dylan Hollingsworth, Michelle McLaughlin, George Wallace III, Frank Lopez and many, many more.

Thank you for your continued support and be sure to get there early,

Frank Campagna

Please note: For the Love of Kettle 7:00 – 10:00 (Kettle Art Gallery – Deep Ellum)
followed by
Art Love Magic’s Underground 8:00 – 12:00 (Southside on Lamar)

The Concept behind 45 Fest is to raise awareness of mental heath for both Artists & Musicians. Given we lost two exceptional area talents earlier this year this issue must be addressed. As much as we loved these guys, this is not intended to be a ‘boo hoo’ fest but instead one concerned with those of us left behind.

Things kick off at Kettle ‘the Art of the Guitar’ an exhibition of painted guitars by preeminent visual artists, will be sold to further this effort. Guitar Center is on board and have donated 20 and many others have donated instruments as well. Expect this become an annual event much like the Art of Skateboarding. All guitars will be functional and available in a silent auction beginning at 7:00PM.

The list of artists painting guitars for the silent auction is as follows: Richard Ross, Barry Kooda, Judith Lea Perkins, Jason Barnett, Issac Davies, Dan Colcer, Jerod Davies, Jessica Terry, Erica Felicella, Mark Nelson, Corey Godfrey, Brian Crawford, Cabe Booth, Alexandra Olivia, Tyson Summers, Clint Scism, Amber Campagna, Scotty Mankoff, Jamie Mahood, Mark Cornwell, Michelle McLaughlin, George Wallace III, Robb Conover, Christian Millet, Cathryn Colcer, and more.

At Club Dada musical performances by Hello Lover, Jim Suhler, the Mike Haskins Experience, the Marfalites, Dog Company, Here Holy Spain, Josh Fleming of the Phuss, from Houston the Sellouts and Dallas punk rock legends the Assassins are confirmed. Also Spector 45 drummer, Animal Anthony Delabano will debut his first ever non-Frankie project the Black Habits. Overall, ‘only guitar oriented bands are participating as these guys were Rock & Roll. Music that relies on turntables or computers, just won’t fly here.’

The order of appearance is tentatively…
830 Jim Suhler – indoors
900 Josh Fleming of the Phuss – outdoors
930 The Black Habits – indoors
1000 the Mike Haskins Experience – outdoors
1030 Dog Company – indoors
1100 Hello Lover – outdoors
1130 Here Holy Spain – indoors
1200 the Assassins – outdoors
1230 the Sellouts – indoors
100 the Marfalites – outdoors

Printed ‘In Your Face’ literature w/ Help Hotlines will be available at both venues that clearly point out options for those who may be or know someone who is upset, depressed or unstable.

Last but not least, a 24 song CD of Frankie’s unreleased music, demos and live tracks will be available, as well new 45 T-shirts and stickers. All will be limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

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