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“For the Love of Kettle” is a One Night Only benefit for the gallery that opens at 7:00pm sharp on February 6th.

All works are sold for $50.00 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Absolutely, no pre-sales are allowed.

This is a show unlike any other! Arrive early to take your place in line for a chance to grab some incredible art by Dallas’ finest artists!

For The Love Of Kettle 2015


“For the Love of Kettle” is perhaps the most highly anticipated event of our year. This one night only, annual fundraiser keeps Kettle Art Gallery operating in the black, allowing us 51 weeks a year of eclectic, North Texas based, cultural programming. Over one hundred and twenty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists that exhibit & support this gallery. Please get here early and grab a place in line, as the doors open at 7:00PM sharp.

For a brief rundown on how this event goes down here is a blog post / review done last year by a gentleman named Bill Chance.

For The Love Of Kettle - 2014


“For the Love of Kettle” is the one night only, annual fundraiser that helps to keep our little gallery afloat. Thanks to Dallas’ amazing artistic community, we are very excited to be approaching Kettle’s 10th year of great art and great people. Please join us on this special evening as we kick off a year of innovative exhibits and special events.

This exhibit will include emerging and mid-career artists we have represented over the years, plus many artists new to Kettle. All works are priced at $50.00 each; however, in honor of the unfailing support of Deep Ellum 42, the first 42 pieces will be sold at $42. So, come early and stay to mingle!

Up next: in response to the artists’ generosity, all those in this show are invited to participate in our next exhibit ‘For the Love of Artists’, opening the following Saturday, February 15. During its two week run, the gallery commission will be waived. 100% of all sales will go directly to the artists.

Kettle Art has been the recipient of numerous awards and designations including USA Today’s 10 Best Art Galleries in Dallas, Dallas Observer’s Readers’ Choice for Best Art Gallery, and Dallas A-List’s Best Art Gallery. National publication mentions include: Art News, Juxtapose, Southern Living, USA Today, and most recently, ArtPlace America.

Update 1/ 19 – Participating Artists thus far include:

Tom Carlton, Roxanne Mather, Brian Hamm, Jodi Von Rotten, Kris Swenson, Miguel Aguilar, Essie Graham, Juan Sanchez, Nichole Malloy, Michelle McLaughlin, Johnny Hawkins, John P. Irizarry, Colin Lafleur, Jennifer Lafleur, Jonathan M. Davis, Stephanie Wray, Modesto Aceves, Catrina Oittinen, Marilyn Vicente, Travis Bush, Breonnny Lee, Brian Aguire, Viktor Ortix, Scott Mankoff, Margo Miller, Brad Albright, Heather Shoulers, Gabriela Elgura, Oh Jee Nam, Denise Keeping, Susan Migdol, Michael Matson, Ashley Hanson, Heather Horton, Joe Biggs, Justin Clumpner, Brian Crawford, Khurk Maeder, Fran Carris, Jamie Hulett, Jason Weiner, Roy Vance, Guy Reynolds, Raymond Butler, Sara Lovas, Cheryl Baker, Roy Howell, Jenny Land, Richard Ross, Amber Campagna, Mandy Pandy, Nick C. Kirk, Mike Moffatt, Natalie Glover, Christian Glover and more….

Update 1/ 27 – Other participating Artists include:

Monica Moody, Michael Puttoen, Angela Faz, Jackie Thone, Scott Tucker, Melissa Tucker, Teresa Mangum, Nick Glenn, Clint Scism, Cabe Booth, Jennifer Gregory Portz, Tyson Summers, Kelly Jacobi, Frank Campagna, Aralyn Mc Gregor, Kurt Griesbach, Timothy Burch, Sarah M. Gutierrez, Ruben Mitchell, Hal Samples, Danny Fulgencio, Catherine Downes, Jaime Luna, Judith Lea Perkins, Dan Colcer, Catheryn Colcer, Ryan Thies, Lisa Lindholm, Patricia Rodriguez, Sarah Zamora, Ben Royal Smith, Moises Nostra Vega, Rachel Behring, Clay Stinnett, Kelly Clemmons and more…



For the Love of Kettle is our one and only annual fundraiser for the gallery. Over one hundred 9 x 12 inch boards are handed out to willing artists that support our cause in supporting the local art community. With our ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ attitude Kettle Art has assisted hundreds of visually inclined folks get their career started and / or established.

This show is ONE NIGHT ONLY and all works are equally priced at only $50.00 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the gallery. This is a …cash & carry event, so get there early. Doors open straight up at 7:00 and there will be no pre-sales.

In turn, all artists can be part of the following show ‘For the Love of Artists’ where 100% of the proceeds go to all participating artists. Please join us by either creating a piece or by attending this incredible show of love & support for ‘the Little Gallery that Could’?

Participating Artists thus far who have picked up boards include: Michael Mattson, Brian Hamm, Rah Stitchez, Scott Mankoff, Saint Virus, April Miller, Monica Moody, Kevin Kunreuther, Anthony Harris Jr, KeLaine Kvale, Andy Murray, Michael Lagocki, Yessica Hernandez, Jason Lott, Mark Kimberlin, Adriane Mcmillon, Tanja Dugas, Moises Vega, Tom Carlton, Carolina Kile, Stephanie Wray, Todd Walthall, Gretchen Luedtke, Ashley Hansen, Heather Horton, Nicole Malloy, Alexis Reece, Sarah Titop, Sharon Hammih, Ricardo Velez, Denise Keeping, Michael Christopher, Cabe Booth, Jennifer Portz, Michelle McLaughlin, Micheal Theim, Melissa Wertz, Ryan Thies, Denise Keeping, Margo Miller, Amber Campagna, Alexandra Olivia, Megan Stephens, Nick C. Kirk, Mike Moffatt, Lisa Lindholm, Orlando Garcia, John Worley, Kimbery Bradshaw Meadows, Diana Almand, Brian Crawford, Susan Carson, Kim Cast, Kelly Jacobi, Tracy Madol, Natalie Glover, Christain Glover, Bruce Mulvihill, Mark Glover, Joe Biggs, Jeremy Biggers, Breonny Lee, Brian Aguire, Danny Rose, Kenny Smith, Doriam, Jessica Galaviz, Heather Shoulders, Fran Cartis, Michael Puttonan, Sarah Zamora, J. Zamora, Kris Swenson, Amy Phillips, Brad Albright and Frank Campagna.

For The Love Of Kettle 2012 – Opening Night. Nuff Said!

Photos courtesy of George Wallace III.

For The Love Of Kettle 2012
For Immediate Release
Kettle Art nurtures up and coming artists in the North Texas area. The original idea was to be ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ offering local talent a quality setting to exhibit their works. This concept has proven successful for over seven years now. We’ve hosted well over 250 exhibits and the number of artists who have graced our walls is well into the thousands. Visual Art groups such as Sour Grapes, ArtHash and Photopolis have unified their efforts at Kettle. Regional ‘Art Stars’ who have shown not only their work but steady love & support for this gallery include Cathey Miller, Sergio Garcia, Lisa Lindholm, Richard Ross, Erica Felicella, Tyson Summers, Judith Lea Perkins, Mark S. Nelson, George Fowler, Dan Colcer and Cabe Booth. These are just few names you may recognize as ‘the Little Gallery that Could’ continues it’s quest in breaking new talent in our fair city.

This effort does however come with a price. In taking on this artistic endeavor of keeping the doors open, our artists always get paid their fair share first, followed by essentials such as rent, electric and sales tax. Despite all staff personnel being voluntary, on the average one out of three exhibits make a profit. Which brings us to the Love of Kettle. This annual event is the one and only fundraiser we do to keep us in the black. All works are created on equally sized 9 x 12 inch boards, by those who care enough to keep this gallery / concept afloat. All works are also equally priced at just $50.00 apiece. These are all sold on a first come first serve basis, which creates quite a buying frenzy, not usually seen at an art gallery.

For the Love of Kettle happens annually on the Saturday prior to Valentines Day, this year on February 11th, 2012 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM. Expect to have the opportunity to own a piece not only by the aforementioned artists but also greats such as Clint Scism, Corey Godfrey, Robb Conover, Cheryl Baker, Brian Crawford, Cathryn Colcer, Brad Albright, Amber Campagna, Ryan Thies, Hatziel Flores, Dylan Hollingsworth, Michelle McLaughlin, George Wallace III, Frank Lopez and many, many more.

Thank you for your continued support and be sure to get there early,

Frank Campagna

Please note: For the Love of Kettle 7:00 – 10:00 (Kettle Art Gallery – Deep Ellum)
followed by
Art Love Magic’s Underground 8:00 – 12:00 (Southside on Lamar)