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For The Love Of Artists 2014

In response to the overwhelming kindness and dedication of our artists, Kettle Art does a once of year ‘payback’ of sorts to those who support us with this show. At ‘For the Love of Artists’ 100 percent of sales go entirely to the artists. 

This show is open only to artists who participated in the ‘Love of Kettle’ show. Each artist can show whatever they like and ask whatever price they want at this exhibit. Come show some Love for those who have shown Love!



‘For the Love of Artists’ is a payback of sorts open to those who donated artwork to the previous exhibit ‘For the Love of Kettle’ our annual gallery fundraiser. 100% of all sales go directly to the artist who’s work sells with no, absolutely no, mark up of cost to you the buyer.

Opening reception for this exhibit
Saturday 2/ 16, 7:00 – 10:00pm

… Unlike the Kettle fundraiser there is no standard sizing or pricing. Artists simply bring in a piece of their work, and name their price. The idea for this show was inspired by the many institutions and causes that ask for donations but rarely, if ever, give back to participating artists. Sometimes it seems those with the least tend to give the most :/

At any rate, here’s a chance to get original art and show some love & support to those who are kind enough to share. Thank You!