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Holiday Presence IX Postponed


Due to the icy, slick conditions created around Dallas/Fort Worth late last week, Kettle Art Gallery felt it necessary to postpone the official opening of Holiday Presence IX.

The staff felt that it was better for everyone to arrive safely to celebrate the holiday, than risk the potential of accident & injury trying to make it out for the show.

The wait will be worth it as your favorite local artists will be on hand Thursday night to welcome one-and-all & officially kick-off Holiday Presence IX. So, join us Thursday night for what promises to be a jolly fun time for all!

Till then, stay safe and warm!

Holiday Presence IX

Holiday Presence IX

Kettle Art presents our Ninth Annual Holiday Presence exhibition, featuring affordable, unique, one of a kind gifts by local artists you know and love. Everything under $200.00 / most under $100.00. Artists include but are not limited to; Brian Crawford, Cabe Booth, Catrina Oittnen, George Wallace III, Guy Reynolds, Cheryl Baker, Mike Moffatt, Mandy Paquette, Justin Clumpner, Jodi Von Rotten, Mattson Plummer, Roxanne Mather, Brad Albright, Corey Godfrey, Raymond Butler, Jennifer Gregory Portz, Nick Glenn, Miguel Aguilar, Danny Rose and many more.




Please join us for the first exhibit in our new location, at 2650-B Main St in Deep Ellum. As declared back in April, when our time was running out at our previous home, this would be the day we reopen. Thanks to a massive amount of people who believed in both our mission and target date, this proclamation is about to become true.

Thank you all!

Featured artists for Phoenix include:

Justin Clumpner,
Sean Fitzgerald,
Carlos Donjuan,
Cathey Miller,
Judith Lea Perkins,
Richard Ross,
Patricia Rodriguez,
Ryan Thies,
Jason Janik,
Jennifer Lafleur,
Michelle Marie,
George Wallace III,
Tyson Summers,
Brian Hamm,
Brian A Crawford,
Corey Godfrey,
Mark S Nelson,
Cheryl Baker,
Cabe Booth,
Aralyn McGregor,
Amber Campagna,
Frank Lopez,
Justin Terveen,
Havi Frost,
Lisa Walter,
Sergio Garcia,
Dan Colcer,
Erica Felicella,
Clint Scism,
Teri Allen,
Jeremy Biggers,
Scott Mankoff,
Scott Horn,
Guy Reynolds,
Ange Fitzgerald,
Cathryn Colcer,
Jodi VonRotten,
Brad Albright
Frank Campagna.

As with any new venture, there are start-up costs. Kettle Art Gallery is no exception.

The new space at 2650-B Main Street is about three times bigger than the old Kettle location, but it needs a lot of work to make sure it is ready when we open to the public on September 19th.

During the next seven weeks, we will be hard at work, preparing the gallery while preserving the historic architecture and features of the building.

Line items we need to raise funds for:

  • Lumber, hardware, sheetrock, tape and bedding, texture for new art walls
  • paint for existing walls and new art walls
  • electrical wiring upgrades
  • lighting upgrades
  • audio installation
  • exterior signage

In order to meet this need, Kettle Art Gallery is asking for a little neighborly help to raise the funds necessary to make the new Kettle a beautiful place for people to see local art.

A CrowdTilt campaign has been started to help raise those funds:

Please think about opening up your wallet to support “the little gallery that could”.

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you at the opening of “Phoenix” on September 19th at the new space at 2650-B Main Street in Deep Ellum.



Back in May of this year it was announced that Kettle Art Gallery at 2714 Elm Street in Deep Ellum would be closing its doors.

Of course, ever the showman, Frank Campagna made the following statement as if he already knew the future:

“This can be seen as the end of an era but may also be viewed as a new beginning. News of our relocation will come once the dust has settled. Please rest assured this is a giant step forward. Look for our return on September 19th.”

It appears as if the “Phoenix” will rise on September 19th. A giant step forward, indeed.

Kettle Art Gallery has found it’s new home in Deep Ellum only a block over from the “Classic Kettle” location. The space, located at 2650-B Main Street, is about three times bigger than the old space. This will allow Kettle Art Gallery to use it’s space in more ways to benefit the surrounding community.

Please join us on September 19th at the new Kettle Art Gallery location to witness a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

More news related to the re-launching of Kettle Art Gallery …

Pegasus News:

Dallas Observer:



‘For the Love of Artists’ is a payback of sorts open to those who donated artwork to the previous exhibit ‘For the Love of Kettle’ our annual gallery fundraiser. 100% of all sales go directly to the artist who’s work sells with no, absolutely no, mark up of cost to you the buyer.

Opening reception for this exhibit
Saturday 2/ 16, 7:00 – 10:00pm

… Unlike the Kettle fundraiser there is no standard sizing or pricing. Artists simply bring in a piece of their work, and name their price. The idea for this show was inspired by the many institutions and causes that ask for donations but rarely, if ever, give back to participating artists. Sometimes it seems those with the least tend to give the most :/

At any rate, here’s a chance to get original art and show some love & support to those who are kind enough to share. Thank You!

PB & K

On November 3rd at 7:00pm, the doors of Kettle Art will open to bring the art loving masses of DFW a collaboration of sorts between two art communities. One community hailing from Big D (Kettle Art) & one community hailing from the cow town of Fort Worth (Piranha Bear). 

Two different cities …

Two different cultures …

One love of art … 

“PB & K”

 Featuring Works by Piranha Bear Artists:
Rachel Behring
Pussyhouse Propaganda
Misty Meemz Adams
Beka “Squirt” Johnson
Stephanie Leonard
Jack Russell
Susan Matthews
Kevin McGehee
Mark Penland
Mike Moffatt
John Worley
Nick Kirk
Sarah Jane
Cathryn Colcer
Adam Neese
Karolina Phillips
Ronnie Hart
Mandy Paquette

 Featuring Works by Kettle Art Artists:
Lisa Lindholm
Mark Nelson
Corey Godfrey
Frank Campagna
Amber Campagna
Scott Horn
Richard Ross
Cathey Miller
Arayln McGregor
Dan Colcer
George Wallace III
Brad Albright
Laura Doughtie


On July 7, 2012 Kettle Art proudly presents The Ripple Effect, 7-10pm. Ripple Effect is a water themed show curated by Amber Campagna. As a founding member of Kettle Art, now in it’s 8th year, this is the first show the beautiful & talented Amber Campagna has curated.Featured Artists include:
Brad Albright, Catheryn Colcer, Cheryl Baker, Clint Scism, Corey Godfrey, Danny Rose, Elisa Guardiola, Erica Felicella, Isaac Davies, Jenice Johnson, James Carter, Justin Clumpner, Mark Kimberlin, Raymond Butler, Richard Ross, Ryan Thies, Tyson Summers, Valarie Synck, Amber Campagna and more!
Kettle Art is located at 2714 Elm St.


DALLAS, TX, June 8, 2012 — Dallas/Fort Worth has become a hotbed for original art but there are fresh faces still hidden in the background or haven’t found their first chance to break onto the scene.

Husband and wife team Dan and Cathryn Colcer are two seasoned artists that intend to change that with their upcoming group show “Counter Culture” at Deep Ellum’s legendary Kettle Art Gallery in Dallas. The show opens at 7 p.m. June 14 and runs until June 23. The duo hopes that the relaxed atmosphere and open theme will draw a new crowd to the gallery.

“We just want to showcase people we thought deserved to be out there,” Cathryn said. “Sure there are lots more, but here’s where it starts — putting a few people together in a room and see what happens.”

The show will highlight personal works from eight artists — including a Romanian photographer — covering everything from book carving to quirky cartoon style art as well as paintings from the Colcers. Featured artists include: Ryan Thies, Richard Patterson, Anne Cubbage, Vladimir Bodeanu and Justin Teran.

“Counter Culture” coincides with East Dallas Gallery Day in Deep Ellum and Expo Park in Dallas. Kettle Art is a participant and will be open during the event, which is a unified effort by eight established galleries located in the two art-driven neighborhoods. For more information on Gallery Day, visit

“We are trying to make a good mix of artists and techniques,” Dan said. “This is an experiment based on our will to diversify the art environment and present something new to the public.”


About Dan and Cathryn Colcer:
The Colcers are an art partnership in both personal and professional aspects. Dan Colcer is from the University of Arts in Cluj, Romania and Cathryn is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a married couple, the two of them own Colcerex Trading Co., a cyclical concept of accessible art and artist publicity. The company also serves as a way to engage art patrons with useful, affordable and locally-driven art products.

About Kettle Art Gallery:
Kettle Art, located at 2714 Elm St. in Dallas, TX, is a not-for-profit gallery space located in the heart of Deep Ellum. Following in the spirit of this creative, unique neighborhood, the gallery is committed to providing a venue for local and emerging artists to show their work. The Kettle is run by artists, for artists, on a purely volunteer basis. Visit for more information.



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