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Shot In Dallas



Kettle Art proudly presents Shot in Dallas, an exhibit of nine area media photographers. You’ve seen their works in Time, Texas Monthly, Rolling Stone, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Pegasus News, and many other media sources, but this show offers insight to what the folks behind the camera actually like to capture on their own. The exhibit features personal works of interest by Justin Clemons, Guy Reynolds, Alexandra Olivia, Jason Janik, Justin Terveen, Catherine Downes, Rex Curry, Robert Hart, and Richard Sharum.

The exhibit opens Thursday, November 7, 7:00 – 10:00pm in Gallery B of the new Kettle Art, located at 2650-B Main Street in Deep Ellum. This show will run concurrently with “That 60’s Show” through Saturday, November 29.

That 60's Show



Kettle Art proudly presents ‘That 60’s Show’ a 1960’s flashback 50 years later. Opening Thursday 10 / 24/ 13, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM in the front gallery at Kettle Art 2650-B Main. Deep Ellum, through Saturday 11 /29.

The 1960’s were the decade that seemed to change everything. From the approval of birth control by the FDA in 1960 to Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon in 1969. From the debut of Pop Art & the British Invasion to numerous assassinations of our civic leaders. American culture was in full swing, for better or worse, and only now can be seen in proper retrospect.

Join us for this unique visual interpretation of the era that changed it all featuring works by Jonothan Kimbrell, Brad Albright, Justin Clumpner, Miguel Aguilar, Dan Colcer, Patricia Rodriguez, George Wallace, Guy Reynolds, Brian A Crawford, Kurt Griesbach, Aralyn McGregor, Ange Fitzgerald, Nick Glenn, Ryan Theis and more… Video works will be provided by Robert Rockula Knott.




Please join us for the first exhibit in our new location, at 2650-B Main St in Deep Ellum. As declared back in April, when our time was running out at our previous home, this would be the day we reopen. Thanks to a massive amount of people who believed in both our mission and target date, this proclamation is about to become true.

Thank you all!

Featured artists for Phoenix include:

Justin Clumpner,
Sean Fitzgerald,
Carlos Donjuan,
Cathey Miller,
Judith Lea Perkins,
Richard Ross,
Patricia Rodriguez,
Ryan Thies,
Jason Janik,
Jennifer Lafleur,
Michelle Marie,
George Wallace III,
Tyson Summers,
Brian Hamm,
Brian A Crawford,
Corey Godfrey,
Mark S Nelson,
Cheryl Baker,
Cabe Booth,
Aralyn McGregor,
Amber Campagna,
Frank Lopez,
Justin Terveen,
Havi Frost,
Lisa Walter,
Sergio Garcia,
Dan Colcer,
Erica Felicella,
Clint Scism,
Teri Allen,
Jeremy Biggers,
Scott Mankoff,
Scott Horn,
Guy Reynolds,
Ange Fitzgerald,
Cathryn Colcer,
Jodi VonRotten,
Brad Albright
Frank Campagna.


Jubilee – a gallery retro-spectacle
April 18 – May 4, 2013.

Kettle Art, in it’s present location, will be closing Saturday, May 4th, promptly at 10:00PM. Before we go, we plan one final ‘blow out’ exhibit of sorts, ‘Jubilee’ a past, present & future retrospect. This show will feature many of the talented artists we’ve been fortunate enough to have grace our walls over the past 8 ½ years. Expect to see one current piece, from each from this list of who’s who, in Dallas area …artists / photographers.

Cathey Miller*, Sergio Garcia*, Erica Felicella*, Amber Campagna*, Cabe Booth*, Judith Lea Perkins*, Richard Ross, Patricia Rodriquez, Mark S. Nelson, Havi Frost, Jason Janik, Lisa Lindholm, Clint Scism, Justin Clumpner, Jodi Von Rotten, Dan Colcer, Ange Fitzgerald, Justin Terveen, Tyson Summers, Brad Albright, Michelle McLaughlin, George Wallace III, Breonny Lee, Brian Crawford, Cathryn Colcer, Scott Mankoff, Brian Hamm, Ryan Thies, Corey Godfrey, Frank Lopez, Aralyn McGregor, Sean Fitzgerald, Samantha Mattice-Lowery, Jeremy Biggers, Duke Horn, Guy Reynolds, and founder Frank Campagna*

*Denotes Kettle Art Founding Artist

This can be seen as the end of an era but should be considered a new beginning. News of our new location will come in August in regards to our re-opening in September. Please rest assured this is a giant step forward.