In this season of celebrations, Kettle Art presents Holiday Presence #15, our annual art and gift show featuring small works and unique, artisan-crafted pieces, made exclusively by local artists.

The exhibit runs through December 24.

Watch for special announcements throughout the exhibit, such as artists collaborating on-site, updates on new items, impromptu parties, pop-ups, and extended hours.

Artists include but are not limited to: Jeff Skele Sheely, Francois Shogreen, Judith Lea Perkins, Richard Ross, Erin Curry, Justin Clumpner, Brad Albright, Katrina Rasmussen, Brian McClure, Janae Corrado Raymond Butler, Melanie Mcvey, Nick Glenn, Candice Lindsey, Tony Marsh, Phil Huber, William ‘Bubba’ Flint, Ernest Curry, Chase Fleischman, Johnny Hawkins, Jennifer Lafleur, Jeff Muncy, Krystal Johnson, Steve & Erin Reeves, Matt Lumpkins and many many more!

Remember: when you buy work from a local artist, it shows more love & thought went into your gift and also makes the holidays better for your immediate community.

Thank you!