3327 Group Art Exhibit features art created with the use of technology through light, computers, and electricity. The name “3327” refers to the hotel room in which Nikola Tesla, the famed inventor, died. This exhibit pays homage to Tesla, whose ideas and inventions are still used today. The artists in the show communicate their own messages as they relate to life and death, and the acquisition of knowledge.

3327 Group Art Exhibit is on view at Kettle Art Gallery, in collaboration with Daniel Yanez (DIY), Eric Trich, AZNMade, and Robert S. Garza.

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DANIEL YANEZ (aka Artist DIY) is a Dallas native based out of the Oak Cliff area. Growing up poor and homeless, Daniel learned quickly how to create something from nothing. He was first recognized for his abilities at a young age, where he was given an opportunity to take a few art classes at a local college by his elementary school art teacher. After graduating Sunset High School in Oak Cliff in 2003, Daniel pursued higher education at Mountain View College. That Fall, he felt a whole new world had been opened up for him. Walking into a gallery for the first time, he knew he had found what he wanted to do, and began to pursue art professionally. The first six years of his art career were comprised of working multiple jobs, experiencing the heartache and heartbreak of learning the business, and perfecting his personal style. During the most difficult time of his career, he was also challenged with the duties of being a father. From the years 2004 through the present, he has raised six children in total. Yet, this is not even the zenith of what he has accomplished since that Fall semester in college. In 2012, Daniel opened his first art gallery in Oak Cliff named The Basement Gallery. This was soon accompanied the following year by another gallery called The Attic. Although The Attic did not succeed as Daniel had hoped, he used what he learned there to make The Basement Gallery a shining success. Daniel Yanez (Artist DIY) continues working on new series of works to develop his contemporary pop and typography style even further than before. Expect even more out of Artist DIY in the future as he focuses on his art and building his community.

ERIC TRICH is a new media artist from Dallas, Texas who was born in 1987. His work focuses on combining traditional mediums with technology to enhance the narrative and create unique opportunities to interact with each piece. He attended the Art Institute and SMU Meadows School of the Arts. After college, he opened 1111 Studio Gallery in the Dallas Design District and later 3014 Space in Deep Ellum. Current, Eric is designing interactive installations and developing virtual and augmented reality content through his new company Pixel.

AZNmade – Born in Seoul, Korea, naturalized in the 80s, Michael Houlihan has used illustration and graphic design as his voice wherever he lives, be it Tampa, San Diego, or Dallas. He decided to form his creative studio AZNmade in 2017. Houlihan combines many disciplines of design to create his works. Becoming known for his versatile, playful, and detailed paper mix illustrations, he is building an ever-growing fan base. Houlihan has worked with clients such as Converse, Image Comics, Urban Outfitters, and many more.

ROBERT S GARZA is an aspiring and self-taught artist, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. By trade, he is a digital illustrator, graphic designer, and muralist. From the point of early childhood, he was drawn to the arts by way of his mother’s and grandfather’s creative influences, and would be deeply inspired by the art of graphic novels, video games, and animation, as well as by the old masters. Though his creative endeavors were often recognized by faculty and peers, his true pursuit of artistic education had only begun during his senior year of high school, where he took his first traditional drawing class. From that point, he decided he was to spend his life making or being surrounded by art. Years after he embarked on this journey, Robert found his way to The Basement Gallery in 2015, where he began as an intern for owner Daniel Yanez, and eventually graduated to becoming its current Director and Manager. Under Daniel’s mentorship, Robert gained invaluable experience operating the gallery and coming into his own as an artist, aiding Daniel in various projects that often included mural commissions and design work. In 2018, The Basement closed its doors, and Robert helped create and now manages Elevate Dallas. He continues to create work as a freelance designer and commissioned illustrator. His style involves exploring emotion through color and shape and expressing positive messages, as well as studying the human figure.