Kettle Art proudly presents [krip-tik], a two-man show featuring recent works by Jeff Skele and Ruben Ramirez. This show opens Thursday, July 28, 7:00 – 10:00PM, and runs through Saturday, August 13.

Skele and Ramirez have shown their works around the DFW area for several years in numerous group exhibitions, including at Kettle, yet neither have had a well-focused spotlight exhibit until now. Both artists cite works by Jean Michel Basquiat as inspiration in their formative years. Now, they are ready to show us their own, personal brands of ‘Street Expressionism’. Needless to say, both artists are psyched for this show, so let’s allow them a few words…

Jeff Skele

What do the creatures say? Who are these monsters? Or are they monsters at all? Are they simply the realization of the human condition: suffering and greed; beings transformed by the doldrums of work, work, work; a pile of bones with money burning in its eyes; a skeleton dancing in ecstacy, love, and light? My paintings are more than what you catch at first glance. All around the world, collectors continue to stare, finding more truth, more reminders and more revelation – Can you see it? Can you feel it?

Ruben Ramirez

This series of paintings is comprised of abstract and semi-realistic styles reflecting a sense of control and chaos. With the combined use of brushes, sticks, and squeeze bottles, paint is applied on canvas, boards, and found objects, taking visual influences from nature, society, and primarily the black orchid, a symbol for power and absolute authority. Each piece explores the struggle and frustration of ‘getting it together’ or ‘calming down’ while letting go.