Kettle Art & Tres Reyes Fine Art are proud to announce an encore exhibition of the celebrated Savages show with Savages (a slight return).

In response to all participating artists and the work that went into producing the original two day pop-up exhibit ‘Savages’ we are proud to allow this exhibit a bit more life. The attendance was phenomenal and the demand seemed much greater than originally anticipated so why not?

Participating artists include Frank Campagna, George Fowler, Frankie Garcia III, Mikki Mallow, Michael Ledoux, Hal Samples, Bob Poe, Steve Hamilton, Cathey Miller, Richard Ross, Judith Lea Perkins, Steve & Erin Reeves, Mark Nelson, Clint Scism, Hatziel Flores, Ruben Ramirez, Manny Rodriguez, Justin Clumpner, Fransisco Javier, George Wallace III, Andrew Williams and Daniel Yanez.

This show opens on June 9th 2016 and runs through July 16.