B.Y.O.B. Art History

B.Y.O.B. Art History back by popular demand, featuring arts educator and artist, Justin Clumpner. Please join us as Justin takes us on a journey through the entirety of visual art; from ancient cave paintings through the present in less than one hour. It’ll be like an entire college semester; up, over & out! This lecture is humorous, enlightening and a spectacle to behold.

This ‘speed reading presentation’ will be followed by the screening of several short films by surrealist masters to compliment our current exhibit ‘Keeping it Real’. Showing will be Salvador Dali’s 1929 masterpiece ‘Un Chien Andalou’ and Marcel Duchamp’s 1924 short ‘Witches Cradle’.and his1926 experimental ‘Anemic Cinema’ .

This event is free and open.to the public.