For The Love Of Artists 2015

Due to the overwhelming support that Kettle Art receives each year for our annual “For the Love of Kettle” fundraising show, it only seems fair to offer those participants with a thank you exhibit of sorts. At “For the Love of Artists”, the gallery donates 100% of all sales back to the contributing artists who support Kettle Art.

Artist that participated in “For The Love Of Kettle” that should participate in “For The Love Of Artists” include the following:

Adina Cicort, Micah Rabalais, Dan Colcer, Christain Millet, Artist DIY, Keith Brown, Jody Adrehold, Sam Bortnick, Stacey Morgan, Paul Pena, Hatziel Flores, Freddie Meagher, Suzi Migdol, Matt Roppolo, Jason Weiner, Judith Lea Perkins, Michael Lagocki, Felicia Beltran, Austin McKinney, Duke Horn, Kelly Saunders, Joseph DeLeon, Sarah Martin, Brad Albright, Sarah Zamora, Amy Smith, Miguel Aguilar, Mike Moffat, Ivan Villa, Rachel Behring, George Wallace III, Patricia Rodriquez, Mandylopandy, Ryan Stalsby, Johnny Hawkins, Leticia Sedberry, Frank Campagna, Lisa Lindholm, Marilyn Vicente, Michelle McLaughlin, Justin Clumpner, Steven Reeves, Sarah Gutierrez, Brian A. Crawford, Cathryn Coler, Shawn Steiniger, Raymond Butler, Robin Ann Walker, Larry Carey, Cheryl Baker, Yelena Gebova, Amy Seymour, Emily Hawkins, Jennifer Portz, George Fowler, Tom Curry, Iris Candelaria, Tod Bott, Susan Carson, Jamie Hulett, P. J, Smithey, Corey Godfrey, Theresa Mangum, Michael Christopher Mattson, Danielle Kimzey, Dylan Dowdy, Pam Dowdy, Amber Campagna, Tad Dowdy, Jon Ashcroft, Cabe Booth, Lauren Shafer, Jessica Martinez, Rachel Spire, Richard Rukus, Richard Ross, Denise Keeping, Emily Yandell, Gabriella Elguea, Kelly Clemmons, Bryan Goodowski, Jeff Skele, Grace Anne Wood, Emma Shoulders, Cathey Miller, Richard Patterson, and more…