Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Artpocalypse’ a four man show featuring works by Richard Ross, Clay Stinnett, Mattson Plummer, and Johnny Hawkins, opening Thursday, August 21, 2014, 7:00 – 10:00PM.

From Ross’s whimsical, mythology-based social commentary, to Plummer’s graffiti-inspired street art characters, to Stinnett’s humorous pop imagery with a Texas twist, to Hawkins’ depictions of man vs. animal, all four artists are linked through the use of impassioned, thought-provoking symbolism, and are delighted to cross-pollinate their diverse and devoted fan-bases in this dynamic exhibit.

Richard L. Ross formed his artistic voice during the chaos of the early Dallas punk scene. His metanarrative series “The Road to the Store” is based on the Kantian concept that beliefs derive from the question “What can I hope?”, with a symbolic cast of characters portraying the disorder and uncertainty experienced along life’s journey.

Clay Stinnett’s work explores relationships between humorous motifs, pop imagery, and iconography, representing a personal definition of beauty and truth as the synthesis of story-telling, shocking humor, and horror within a post-modern forum.

Mattson Plummer’s latest series focuses on engaging his Dallas and Austin audiences in a scavenger hunt for his works via Instagram. Plummer’s minimal, small-scale works, created in large numbers, comprise an installation of seemingly similar, yet unique, pieces of a whole.

Johnny Hawkins is a graphic designer with a focus on digital design theory that trickles its way into his paintings. Lately, he has been exploring the conflicting interests of animals and men. ARTPOCALYPSE will be his first gallery show as a featured artist.