Back in May of this year it was announced that Kettle Art Gallery at 2714 Elm Street in Deep Ellum would be closing its doors.

Of course, ever the showman, Frank Campagna made the following statement as if he already knew the future:

“This can be seen as the end of an era but may also be viewed as a new beginning. News of our relocation will come once the dust has settled. Please rest assured this is a giant step forward. Look for our return on September 19th.”

It appears as if the “Phoenix” will rise on September 19th. A giant step forward,Ā indeed.

Kettle Art Gallery has found it’s new home in Deep Ellum only a block over from the “Classic Kettle” location. The space, located at 2650-B Main Street, is about three times bigger than the old space. This will allow Kettle Art Gallery to use it’s space in more ways to benefit the surrounding community.

Please join us on September 19th at the new Kettle Art Gallery location to witness a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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