For the Love of Kettle is our one and only annual fundraiser for the gallery. Over one hundred 9 x 12 inch boards are handed out to willing artists that support our cause in supporting the local art community. With our ‘inclusive as opposed to exclusive’ attitude Kettle Art has assisted hundreds of visually inclined folks get their career started and / or established.

This show is ONE NIGHT ONLY and all works are equally priced at only $50.00 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the gallery. This is a …cash & carry event, so get there early. Doors open straight up at 7:00 and there will be no pre-sales.

In turn, all artists can be part of the following show ‘For the Love of Artists’ where 100% of the proceeds go to all participating artists. Please join us by either creating a piece or by attending this incredible show of love & support for ‘the Little Gallery that Could’?

Participating Artists thus far who have picked up boards include: Michael Mattson, Brian Hamm, Rah Stitchez, Scott Mankoff, Saint Virus, April Miller, Monica Moody, Kevin Kunreuther, Anthony Harris Jr, KeLaine Kvale, Andy Murray, Michael Lagocki, Yessica Hernandez, Jason Lott, Mark Kimberlin, Adriane Mcmillon, Tanja Dugas, Moises Vega, Tom Carlton, Carolina Kile, Stephanie Wray, Todd Walthall, Gretchen Luedtke, Ashley Hansen, Heather Horton, Nicole Malloy, Alexis Reece, Sarah Titop, Sharon Hammih, Ricardo Velez, Denise Keeping, Michael Christopher, Cabe Booth, Jennifer Portz, Michelle McLaughlin, Micheal Theim, Melissa Wertz, Ryan Thies, Denise Keeping, Margo Miller, Amber Campagna, Alexandra Olivia, Megan Stephens, Nick C. Kirk, Mike Moffatt, Lisa Lindholm, Orlando Garcia, John Worley, Kimbery Bradshaw Meadows, Diana Almand, Brian Crawford, Susan Carson, Kim Cast, Kelly Jacobi, Tracy Madol, Natalie Glover, Christain Glover, Bruce Mulvihill, Mark Glover, Joe Biggs, Jeremy Biggers, Breonny Lee, Brian Aguire, Danny Rose, Kenny Smith, Doriam, Jessica Galaviz, Heather Shoulders, Fran Cartis, Michael Puttonan, Sarah Zamora, J. Zamora, Kris Swenson, Amy Phillips, Brad Albright and Frank Campagna.