Live Fast / Die Slow - 45 Fest 2012

Live Fast / Die Slow – 45 Fest 2012

Incredible artists / sweet show / silent auction style. Starting 7:00 pm on Thursday, wrapping 10:00pm on Saturday. All works start at just $45.00. All as part of 45 Fest 2012 at Kettle Art / Club Dada.

Live Fast / Die Slow is a visual extension of 45 Fest 2012. The artwork exhibited will be creations designed as potential cover art for the upcoming ‘Spector 45’ anthology of the same name. The title of this exhibit / CD is taken from a tattoo formerly on the chest of Frankie 45 Campagna.

Participating artists include but are not limited to:
Jamie Mahood, Brad Albright, Cathey Miller, Richard Ross, Cheryl Baker, Migel Aquilar, Amber Campagna, Cabe Booth, Ray Alverez, Hatziel Flores, Dan Colcer, Michele McLauglin, Ryan Thies, Jenice Johnson, Frank Lopez, Tyson Summers, Michael Owens, Breonny Lee, G-3, Selvin deLeon, Renee Rell, Jason Janik, Tom Currie, Scott Mankoff, Margo Miller, Erica Felicella, Mark S. Nelson, Cathryn Colcer, Alexandra Olivia, Frank Campagna and many more…

All works will be available to the public. The actual cover art will be chosen by a distinct panel of judges and will be announced 2 days later at 45 Fest, a musical celebration of life, on Saturday, October 20 at Club Dada. For details on performers click here.

45 Fest is an music and art event by Deep Ellum’s 45 Fund to promote mental health for Artists and Musicians. Founded in 2011, 45 Fund was inspired by the suicides of Frankie Campagna and Adam Carter, both from the Dallas based band Spector 45.

45 Fund is a project of the Deep Ellum Community Association

Background: Spector 45 was a Dallas based greaser punk band that captured the pure energy of 50’s Rock n Roll and original 70’s Punk Rock, and kicked it out for today’s audience… In less than 8 years they played over 500 shows and were always happy to perform beyond their North Texas roots. The band formed in 2003 while in high school, recorded five releases and were two time winners of the coveted Dallas Observer Music Awards for ‘best punk band’. These efforts came to a screeching halt January 1, 2011 with the suicide of founder / front man Frankie followed 88 days later by bassist Adam Carter.