For The Love Of The Artists 2012
This show similar in name to the our last exhibit ‘For the Love of Kettle’. In fact, it’s only open to those artists who participated in ‘For the Love of Kettle’. What makes ‘For The Love Of The Artists’ different, is that it’s our way of saying thank you to them.
With this idea, we’re going 100% against the grain of any successful business. 100% of the sales will go back directly to the artist. Yes, it’s a crazy concept, but we’re aware first hand that artists are constantly asked (and usually deliver) for donations to various causes. How often do any of these recipients give back anything more than a thank you when it’s all said and done?
So there you go. That’s what we’re up to next, and we’re giving it a shot. With any luck, those who have asked a favor of these artists (the poorest group of philanthropists) will consider a bit of a payback.