Over the past few days, Kettle Art has brought you interviews with six of the fifteen artists now being shown in the “New Blood. Old Money.” show. Tonight, we bring you number seven.

Lucky number seven belongs to Sonia Semone.

Sonia is responsible for ArtHash, the blog that keeps everyone in Texas abreast of the latest happenings in the local (and not so local) artworld. She also runs an online gallery, Gallery 75-15.

Tonight we focus on her artwork.

Enjoy …

 Sonia Semone

 Sonia Semone

Kettle – Tell us a bit about yourself.

Sonia – Artist, Traveler, Foodie.

Kettle – The name of this show is titled, “New Blood, Old Money”. Which are you, “New Blood” or “Old Money”?

Sonia – “New Blood”

Kettle – What intrigues or excites you about exhibiting at Kettle Art?

Sonia – I love that Kettle promotes Texas artists.

Kettle – Can you tell us abou the work you are exhibiting at Kettle Art? 

Sonia – My latest body of work is very minimalist in nature. I bring it down to the basics, color and composition. My fascination is with monochrome and extending that into a visually interesting color palette.

Sonia Semone
Kettle – Where did you find the inspiration for this piece?

Sonia – Really they are more of a progression of work I have been doing for a while.

Kettle – Will you be showing with Kettle again?

Sonia – Yes, In January for the ArtHash Uncurated Salon Show

Kettle – What is in the future for you and your art? Do you see yourself or your art developing in any particular way in the near future?

Sonia – I see myself continuing to paint and explore things that make me happy

Kettle – Where else can one find your work?

Sonia – In the new Soju in Tyler, Bowout, Currents and online if you are crafty

“New Blood. Old Money.” is still up & we still aren’t sure when it’s coming down. It will be up at least another weekend or so, so get down to Deep Ellum and see it while you still can.