Our third Labor Day installment brings us an interview with some definite “Old Blood.”

Tyson Summers has been associated with Kettle Art for many years now & he has most definitely made his mark on Deep Ellum.

His paintings are bold, colorful & fun. They are also all over Deep Ellum in the form of murals that he has been painting since 2007.

Enjoy this brief virtual sit-down …

Tyson Summers

Tyson Summers


Kettle – Tell us a bit about yourself (give a brief bio).

Tyson – I call myself a maker of things. I like to create and have been doing so since childhood. I was born into making things with my Dad and Grandfather. Both big inspirations and both extremely talented artists and craftsmen. I knew what I wanted to do early on. My style was born out of a dissatisfaction in my graphic design day jobs. Turning doodles into sellable art, toys and murals is what I like doing.

Tyson Summers

Kettle – The name of this show is titled, “New Blood, Old Money”. Which are you, “New Blood” or “Old Money”? 

Tyson – Old in terms of the show.

Kettle – So, how long have you been associated with Kettle Art? What past shows have you shown your work? Which one was the most memorable so far? What intrigues you about this particular show?

Tyson – My first show was in July 2007 called Cartoon Art Exhibition later to turn into Cartoon Apocalypse in 2008. I’ve been a part of every group show, fundraiser, mural project since 07. Impermanence was a great show. Misha Flores, Larry Carey and myself did Mandalas in honor of the Tibetan Art and the simple fact that nothing is forever. October is my month to reboot and that what I did working on the pieces for Impermanence. 

Tyson Summers

Kettle – How many pieces do you have on exhibit for “New Blood. Old Money.”? Can you tell us a little about each one?

Tyson – Four pieces based on things that have touched my life and made me want to make things. From the little guys outside making a living to punk rock icons. It’s what makes me tick.

Kettle – Where did you find the inspiration for these pieces? 

Tyson – Pressure

Tyson Summers

Kettle – Were you able to attend opening night for “New Blood. Old Money.”? What was your favorite part of the night? What pieces really stood out to you?

Tyson – I was there, Hanging with Frank and taking the night in is always my favorite part. Where there other pieces in the show? kidding I dig checking out the stuff from the new faces.

Kettle – Will you be showing with Kettle again?

Tyson – Ha ha ha ha, I think so…

Tyson Summers

Kettle – Do you have any other shows coming up where one could see your work? 

Tyson – I’m doing a collaboration with Diablo Texas and some solo custom toys for the Vinyl Thoughts Through The Looking Glass show. www.vinylthoughtsartshow.com Thursday, Sept 15th 7-11pm ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Kettle – What is in the future for you and your art? Do you see yourself or your art developing in any particular way in the near future?

Tyson – It’s unknown to me and a surprise to everyone else. I’m working with Vic to start making T-shirts. Loud cool simple designs for the neighborhood. 

“New Blood. Old Money.” is still up & we still aren’t sure when it’s coming down. It will be up at least another weekend or so, so get down to Deep Ellum and see it while you still can.