Last week we started a series of interviews that feature the artists of our current show, “New Blood. Old Money.”

We started off with some “Old Blood” by featuring Ange Fitzgerald.

Today we focus on some “New Blood” by introducing you to Mark C. Merchant.

I found his answers to be short and sweet. Yet I also found that they gave me a little insight into who he is as a person and who he is as an artist.

I think you will find the same. 

Enjoy the interview & enjoy his art …

Mark C Merchant 

Mark C. Merchant

Kettle – Tell us a bit about yourself (give a brief bio).
Mark – I am not this body. I am the spirit inside the body.
Kettle – The name of the current show is titled, “New Blood, Old Money”. So, which are you, “New Blood” or “Old Money”?
Mark – Blew Nood.
Mark C Merchant
Kettle – Since you consider yourself “New Money”, what intrigues or excites you about exhibiting at Kettle Art?
Mark – The caliber of artists and craftspeople makes me feel honored & privileged to be there alongside of them.
Kettle – How many pieces do you have on exhibit for “New Blood. Old Money.”? Can you tell us a little about each one?
Mark – Three pieces. One a study from a life model. Second is a foot with flowers- exemplifies reincarnation. Lastly one is a loose art called “Granny or Geisha”. 
Kettle – Where did you find the inspiration for these pieces?
Mark – Deep within and on the surface. 
Mark C Merchant 
Kettle – Were you able to attend opening night for “New Blood. Old Money.”? If so, What was your favorite part of the night? What pieces really stood out to you?
Mark– Planned to make it but could not. When I asked how it was everyone said it was hot inside.
Kettle – Yes, it was, Mark. Yes, it was.
Kettle – Will you be showing with Kettle again?
Mark – I’d love to, if asked.
Kettle – Do you have any other shows coming up where one could see your work?
Mark – Not at this time.
Mark C Merchant
Kettle – What is in the future for you and your art? Do you see yourself or your art developing in any particular way in the near future?
Mark– I hope to inspire others in some way.
Kettle – Where else can one find your work? (online or otherwise)
“New Blood. Old Money.” is still up & we still aren’t sure when it’s coming down. It will be up at least another weekend or so, so get down to Deep Ellum and see it while you still can.