It’s Labor Day! As an added bonus to your holiday,  Kettle Art will be releasing several more interviews featuring the artists currently showing in “New Blood. Old Money.”

The first artist of the day is Ashley Jones.

Enjoy …

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

Kettle – Tell us a bit about yourself (give a brief bio).

Ashley – For as long as I can remember, I have had a profound love for creating art.  I never follow traditional rules or styles of art. I merely listen to my heart and where ever it leads me I go.   As the different stages of my life are revealed, my heart leads me in different directions.  This makes for an incessant change of styles and mediums.  When lead down each new path, one can see an overlapping and continuity in my art form from one progression to the next.  I rarely begin a piece with an intentional outcome in mind; otherwise, it becomes exceedingly mundane to complete.  I am currently experimenting and meandering between a few different styles and mediums; mixed media composition pieces, painting and regenerate assemblage pieces, each of which marks a noticeable and challenging transformation within my life, all of which are an attempt to unearth the means to become a full time artist.  

My method is quite simple; I am a collector of the sort of objects others would call useless; however, in my mind these objects, each and every one, have purpose.  For that reason, I merely rummage through my collection of found objects and materials and oddly enough, it is as if they pick me.  I continue adding color, texture or objects to my piece until I reach a certain unexplainable feeling of calmness, yet an uncontrollable feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment that resonates deep within my soul. It is not until then that I know my work is done.
           I love to explore and examine the world while forming my own livable chaos.  Consequently, when the urge to create arises, I have tendency to integrate these habits into my creative process. My motive to create is merely to remain grounded as well as at peace in the crazy world I subsist. I use art as a means, not only to convey the overwhelming feelings and emotions I experience daily, but moreover, as a therapeutic means to liberate myself from them.  Furthermore, I make use of my art as a device to facilitate the network of connections with those I may not have otherwise had, therefore, naturally forcing the development, evolvement and progress of my work.

Ashley Jones - Trapped



Kettle – The name of this show is titled, “New Blood, Old Money”. Which are you, “New Blood” or “Old Money”?  

Ashley – “New Blood”

Kettle – So, what intrigues or excites you about exhibiting at Kettle Art?

Ashley – Kettle Art is a respected local gallery known for representing and supporting local arts. I have been following them for some time and have recognized the fact that the “Old Money” artists have been very supportive of the “New Blood” artists. As a team they are continually creating innovative ways to showcase each other’s works, and I’d like to be a part of that team.

Kettle – How many pieces do you have on exhibit for “New Blood. Old Money.”? Can you tell us a little about each one?

Ashley – I have three pieces on exhibit .

Title: “Exposed” – Size: 16”x20” –Medium: mixed media composition piece,  made from recycled paper, finished with a clear acrylic sealer.

Title: “Horse Play” – Size: 7” x 15” x 19” – Medium: Regenerate assemblage sculpture created in a wooden box with electronic parts, toys and acrylic spray paint.

Title: “Trapped” – Size: 8“x11”x16” – Medium: Regenerate assemblage sculpture put together in a wooden box with electronic parts, found objects, toys and acrylic spray paint. 

Ashley Jones - Exposed


Kettle – Where did you find the inspiration for these pieces?

Ashley – These pieces are an amalgamate use of brilliant colors and unusual textures, which, by mixing reclaimed paper, regenerate objects and paint concentrated in various layers, blatantly express a self-liberation from years of repressed feelings and emotions.

Kettle – Were you able to attend opening night for “New Blood. Old Money.”? What was your favorite part of the night? What pieces really stood out to you?

Ashley – was able to attend opening night. I had a fabulous time. My favorite part of the night was the opportunity to meet and mingle w/ the “Old Blood” as well as the “New Money”, while enjoying the separation and parallels amongst each of our works.  

Kettle – Will you be showing with Kettle again?

Ashley – I would be honored to show at Kettle again.

Ashley Jones - Horse Play

Horse Play

Kettle – Do you have any other shows coming up where one could see your work?

Ashley – October 1st , 2011 – 6pm-10pm – “Spectrum – Explorations in Color” –  B-Side Gallery (3600 Commerce Street, Dallas TX)

October 15th, 2011 – 7:00pm – 10:00pm – “16th annual Artist’s Against AIDS” art auction, benefiting Tarrant County AIDS Outreach Center – Fort Worth Community Arts Center (100 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, TX)

February 4th, 2012 – “Incrementum II” Art Auction benefiting Ally’s house – Rising Gallery (800 Jackson Street, Dallas, TX)

I am also open and willing to participate anything else Kettle has planned for the year.

Kettle – What is in the future for you and your art? Do you see yourself or your art developing in any particular way in the near future?

Ashley – I have only recently started creating and evolving into fine art. I continually network within the local art scene in order to stay in the loop so that I may participate and become ever more involved in art exhibition opportunities where I can showcase my evolution.  I have passed beyond the stage of creating art for fun, and through local networking with local art enthusiasts I am now ready to start creating art for a purpose. Naturally, I’m a giver, supporter, and philanthropist. As an artist, in the future, I’d like my art to benefit my communities, as well as, the earth as whole.

Kettle – Where else can one find your work? (online or otherwise)

Ashley – You can see my work at:

I also have a large paper mosaic composition portrait , “Hailey, Alive!”, hanging at Buzzbrews on Commerce Street in Deep Ellum.  

“New Blood. Old Money.” is still up & we still aren’t sure when it’s coming down. It will be up at least another weekend or so, so get down to Deep Ellum and see it while you still can.