It’s a funny thing…

Here we all thought that “New Blood. Old Money.” had come and gone, but alas, it’s not true. There is still life in this “old” show. Those in power have given it a reprieve & it will be up a little while longer!

How long you may ask?

Well, we at Kettle aren’t sure quite yet. 

However, until we can arrive at a date for the closing reception for this wonderful show, we thought we should introduce the artists who have given of their talents so this show could come into existence.

We start this experience by bringing you a quick virtual sit-down with Ange Fitzgerald.

For those who don’t already know, Ange is an accomplished photographer who has graced the walls of Kettle in the past. Today, we are celebrating the work she is currently sharing with us. 

And trust me, it is beautiful.

So without further delay, Kettle is proud to bring you this little conversation with Ange Fitzgerald.

Enjoy …


Ange Fitzgerald

Kettle – The name of the current show is titled, “New Blood, Old Money”. So, which are you, “New Blood” or “Old Money”?
Ange – I guess I’m “Old Money” … although most of the time I feel more like new blood.
$5 Bloodys

$5 Bloodys

 Kettle – Since you basically consider yourself “Old Money”, can you tell us how long you have been associated with Kettle Art & what shows you have been involved with in the past?
Ange – I first exhibited at Kettle as part of a group show (curated by Havi Frost) called “Bokeh” with Crimson Allen, Jordan Franker, Shanda Kerr & Misty Mayberry in April/May of 2009.
Then, in early 2010, Frank asked me if photopolus would be interested in curating / producing a show.  (photopolus, a photo blog co-founded by myself and Andrea Roberts, was named “best camera club” by the Dallas Observer last year).  “18 Photographs” opened in March and featured work by myself, Andrea Roberts (my partner on the blog), Andrew Shepherd, Justin Terveen, Daisy Yokley & Wendy Woodruff Wezensky. 
I’ve worked together with Clint Scism, the curator of the current show, “New Blood, Old Money” on several projects in the past, most memorable being Collision – a yearly art/music show that we co produced every winter, although we skipped last year because I was living in Pittsburgh.  We hope to revive it this year.    


Kettle – How many pieces do you have on exhibit for “New Blood. Old Money.”? Can you tell us a little about each one?
Ange – The three pieces I’m showing at Kettle as part of this show were inspired by some time I spent in NYC & Brooklyn last February.  The first is a sign advertising brunch outside Cake Shop on the lower east side. The 2nd is an image of my cousin & I on a photo field trip in Gramercy Park. And the third is the 23rd street subway stop. 
Kettle – Where did you find the inspiration for these pieces??
Ange – Like I said, they were inspired by time I spent in NYC & Brooklyn. Manhattan is probably my number one source of inspiration and I hope to be back in the city shooting very soon. 
Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park

Kettle – Where else can one find your work? (online or otherwise)
Ange – You can find more of my work installed at Nova in Oak Cliff and at The Free Man in Deep Ellum. Also at
“New Blood. Old Money.” is still up & we still aren’t sure when it’s coming down. It will be up at least another weekend or so, so get down to Deep Ellum and see it while you still can.