With this post, Kettle Art brings you the final interview in a series of interviews that have featured the artists that were part of the “Forces of Nature” line-up.

Today, our focus is squarely on Corey Godfrey.

Enjoy …

Corey Godfrey

Kettle – Please tell us a little about yourself (give a brief bio).
Corey – I was born in Germany, but grew up in Fort Worth, TX. I received my BFA in Drawing/Painting at the University of North Texas in 2008. I love arts and crafts and have always been a trouble maker.
Kettle – How long have you been pursuing the creative life?
Corey – Since I was old enough to teach my siblings how to color on walls.
Kettle – When did you first discover your creative side?
Corey – See above.
Kettle – Do you have formal training, or are you self taught?
Corey – Lots of formal training and lots of experimenting.
Kettle – Could you please describe some of your latest work?

Corey – They are images of cacti made with yarn over a painted canvas

Kettle – How did you decide on the medium with which you work?

Corey – I have always experimented with craft materials and found yarn to be my niche.

Kettle – Where did you find the inspiration for your most recent work?

Corey – I actually dreamt about these grandeur erotic cacti.

Kettle – Have you shown at Kettle Art in the past? When? What shows?

Corey – I have frequented the Kettle for a few years now, participating in all of the benefit shows and various group shows.

Kettle – What most intrigues you about your latest show at Kettle Art? Why?

Corey – Something about the show and the group of work that each artist has presented is very visually soothing as a whole which I like.

Kettle – How did you approach the work you created for this exhibit?

Corey – I draw with yarn so it allows me to approach it very organically.

Kettle – What do you want viewers to take away from your work at this show?

Corey – I always want my viewers to look at my work and feel something even if they dont quite understand what they are feeling.

Kettle – Is there a particular message you are trying to convey through your work?

Corey – I value conveying the power of the erotic. It is a force of nature that is prominent although hidden in society.

Kettle – What artists have influenced your life & work? Why?

Corey – I have great respect for the artist Ghada Amer who creates large scale works with hidden, layered images of embroidered women pleasuring themselves. Her work is stemmed from ideals found in western feminism and the result is beautiful, powerful and poetic.

Kettle – If you could collaborate with another artist (from the past or present), who would that be & why?

Corey – It would be a pleasure to collaborate with the artist Jane Callister who paints these candy colored dreamscapes made of lace and dripping paint. Her works express a whimsical eroticism that I can relate to in my work

Kettle – Describe yourself in 5 words.

Corey – Patient, intuitive, quirky, optimistic and driven.

Kettle – What 5 words would others use to describe you?

Corey – See above.

Kettle – What is next for you creatively?

Corey – I desire to delve deep into cacti. I will exhibiting in the next upcoming show at the Kettle, Fractal Logic.

“Forces of Nature” wraps up this week at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum.

Next up is the mural show, Fractal Logic, curated by George Fowler. Please come by and check out the opening on July 23rd. As always, you won’t be disappointed.