In honor of National Woman’s month we proudly introduce you to the curatorial skills of Kettle founding artist Havi Frost. We don’t really need to reach too far to find cause for celebration, as our roster has always boasted over 50% female artists. Nonetheless, Sarah Boskamp is an Austin based artist whose surreal oil paintings, we proudly will exhibit for the first time ever in Dallas. In turn we made it a point to pair her with Kettle Art favorite and professional road warrior, the multi-leveled, shadow box artist from Dallas, Erin Curry. Last but never least, this trio is topped off by 15 year Kettle Art veteran, Corey Godfrey, whose yarn art has wowed many during her tenure within our gallery walls. This show runs through Sunday, March 26.

The opening reception for this event will be held Saturday, March 4, from 6 to 9pm.


Peelander-Yellow has new art show at Kettle Art gallery (2650 Main St, Dallas, TX).

This show opens Saturday, February 25th, from noon to 8:30pm, and continues on Sunday, February 26th, from noon to 5pm.

There will be live acoustic music with live painting at 7:30pm on Saturday.

All ages are welcome to this free show.

Hot on the heals of our ‘For Love of Kettle’ annual fundraiser, this exhibition features the amazing artists who have just shown their love & support for this gallery.

This event serves as a unique ‘Thank You’ for gracing us with their talents.

100% of the proceeds of sales will go directly to those artists!

This exhibition runs during our normal business hours, Saturday and Sunday, February, 18 & 19. An opening reception will be held Saturday, February 18th, 6 to 9pm.

This show runs one weekend only and wraps at 5pm on Sunday!

“For the Love of Kettle” is one of the most highly anticipated events of our year. This One-Night-Only, annual fundraiser keeps Kettle Art Gallery operating in the black, allowing us 51 weeks a year of eclectic, North Texas based, cultural programming. Over one hundred and fifty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists who exhibit & support this gallery. There are no previews or pre-sales available to anyone, so please get here early and grab a place in line, as the doors open at 7:00PM sharp.

Participating Artists who have picked up boards for the Love of Kettle include …

Ben Fluno, Natalia Rodriguez, David Mann, Katrina Rasmussen, Holli Michener, Robert Oltarzewski, Corey Godfrey-Mouton, Dale, Julia Niiazbekova, Katelin Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Chyna Pasey, Malinuyla Cheverra, Judson Rogers, Jennifer Wallace, Erin Curry, Leslie Cooper, Jamie Walters, Jacob Otiker, Lee Heath, Becky Taylor-Heath, Tosh Murchison, Hatziel Flores, Ray Albarez, Brad Albright, Emily Hawkins, Johnny Hawkins, Desiree Hullaster, Clarissa Murguia, Christopher Schwind, Eileen Simeonov, Anne Oliver, Delaney Adams, Alicia Chapman, Meagan Smith, Billy Coleman, Fernanda Cavakann, Joseph LaBarre, Candice Lindsay, Anna Marie Ciofani, Brooke Ashton, Justin Clumpner, Stacy Granado. Derrick Granado, Cathy Krumholz, Gerald B. Hudson Jr, Meranda Dawkins, Janae Corrado, Ely Sellers, BJ Ricks, Jennifer Eggleston, Kim Kort, Marc Dominus, Krysten Sarguero, Jenna Sarguero, Beverly Parson White, Antonette Riley, Anne Beletic, Beth Anne Shelton, Allison Leonard Rappaport, Melanie Muley, Moe Mumaiz, Leah Lawless-Smith, Daniel Smith, Luis Rojo, Susan Carson, Erin Reeves, Steven Reeves, Tasha Moore, Charlotte Flowers, Mark S. Nelson, Susan Aston, Cathey Miller, Mike Arreaga, Julie McCollough, Troy Olin, Jaylin Bunard, Alfredo Pina, Katie Nixon, Richard Ross, Heriberto Martinez, Jason Janik, Jasmine Balalan, Luis Arriaga, Susan Clark, Janet Reddick, Casey Yant, Pamela Bailey, Manny Garza, Danny Hurley, Frank Campagna and more.

Opening Saturday, January 14 – Sunday, February 5th. ArtHash X.

As you may be aware, Arthash is a loosely knit group of North Texas artists that share their works on Facebook. Created by Sonia Semone in 2010, this page is dedicated to promoting artists, galleries and art events and has quite a few, very talented and under-exposed creators we think ought to be shown in reality, not just online. In keeping with our initial mission at Kettle, we sometimes have to dig deep to discover new talent that should be brought to light and this is a great place to start.

Artists participating include Lance M Carlson, Quincy Wakefield, Jamie Rice, Richard Miller, Roy E. Vance, Lisa Rachel Horlander, Iris Candelaria-Feuer, Sonia Semone, Jessica Sanders, Amber Maida, Charles Arnold, Daniele Jones, Amanda Duncan, Elva Robinson, Pamela Rabin, Holli Michener, Mike Salcido-Hamrick, Sammy Isaiah Rana, Randi Jaeger Means, Jon Breazeale, Chad Evans, Kerian Massey, Hannah Leath Rana, Lynne Buchanan, Ben Fluno, Robert Oltarzewski, Daniel Yanez, Jody Pham-Gurke, Julie Boland Kennedy, Bev Parson White, Michelle Flanagan, Doug King, Tamara White, Ashten McKinney, Kevin Andrew Kunreuther, Amy Fruit Dobson, Denise Saleh, Gargi Gigi Patel, Jennifer Lafleur, Synmic Art, Desiree Hullaster and more…

This show runs through Sunday, January 26

In this season of celebrations, Kettle Art presents Holiday Presence #18, our annual art and gift show featuring small works and unique, artisan-crafted pieces, made exclusively by local artists.

The exhibit opens Saturday, November 26th, for “Small Business Saturday” from 11:00am to 6:00pm. It continues running through December 24. Watch for special announcements throughout the exhibit, such as artists collaborating on-site, updates on new items, impromptu parties, pop-ups, and extended hours.

Artists include but are not limited to: Judith Lea Perkins, Richard Ross, Erin Curry, IZK Davies, Maria Haag, Justin Clumpner, Brad Albright, Katrina Rasmussen, Corey Godfrey-Moulton, Jennifer Wallace, Frank Campagna, Janae Corrado, Nick Glenn, Candice Lindsey, Tony Marsh, William ‘Bubba’ Flint, Ben Fluno, Chase Fleischman, Steven Reeves, Marc Dominus, Amber Sladnovic, Jamie Walters, Joe Skillz and many many more!

Remember: when you buy work from a local artist, it shows more love & thought went into your gift and also makes the holidays better for your immediate community… Thank you!

Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Neon Cowboy’ featuring recent works by street artist Brandon Adams. Brandon Adams, a fifth generation Texan, grew up in Greenville Texas, a small town outside of Dallas.

Brandon works with different mediums including acrylic, spray paint, stain, water, and oils. Blending these various mediums to build up layers of complexity and rich textures is iconic of his style. He incorporates varieties of wood and defining elements to represent each character. Brandon’s art is not limited to just portraits, but extends into sculptures and murals as well.

Brandon graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1997, and has worked as a creative director at several agencies and corporations. Throughout his career, his use of color has defined his art. He uses color to attract consumers and draw them in. Through color, Brandon brings the emotions of each subject to life:

“My paintings are not a parade of personal style and image. They are a showcase of passion, ambition, desire, and accomplishment. It fuels my drive to continue to grow, dream, and inspire. I want to do more than just paint- I want to share my soul.”
-Brandon Adams

The opening reception for “Neon Cowboy” is Saturday, October 22nd, from 6:00 – 9:00pm.

Kettle Art presents Mixaphorical a group show featuring Justin Clumpner, Julia de Leon, Clint Scism and special guest Mark S. Nelson. Please join us for the artists opening reception, Thursday, September 8th from 6 to 9pm.

“Mixaphorical” will open your eyes to beauty while presenting commentary on modern life, social issues, our beliefs and how they relate to the world around us. Through beautiful imagery, these 4 artist will blur the lines between metaphor and reality in an array shapes and color.

Justin Clumpner :
Justin Clumpner’s work depicts symbolic narratives built around portraiture, looking to our contemporary existence to find the maddening, the ironic, and the absurd. He uses this imagery to create secular icons of morality inspired by the stained glass windows and illuminated manuscripts that were ever-present in his upbringing. His current work explores his doubts and fears about raising his daughters to be prepared for an uncertain world.

Julia de Leon :
Julia deLeon is a Learning Specialist for a local non-profit that
focuses on youth Art-enrichment and Social emotional learning. She
creates vibrant artworks that address themes of identity and gender
expression. Her works are often figurative illustrations that bounce
between cute and creepy.

Clint Scism :
Clint Scism is an Artist in Dallas with a graphic arts background. His work in ink and in wire are presented so that they drop shadows. In this way the work affects the world around it physically while presenting imagery that relates to mythology, humanity and nature.

Mark Nelson :
Mark Shane Nelson is a dallas-based artist represented by RO2 gallery.
This current body of work titled Entanglement is an exploration of
overlapping and intertwining relationships with the complex world
around us.

Kettle Art proudly presents artist Brad Albright in his first ever solo show, ‘Albright, Albright, Albright’. The artist opening reception will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2022, 6:00 to 9pm.

Brad Albright is Dallas-based artist and freelance illustrator best known for his modern approach to old school 3D poster art with red/blue glasses. His drawn artwork celebrates a shared love of pop-culture, music and gaming while presenting them in novel ways that utilize interactivity, dimensionality, and nostalgia to blur the line between fine art and accessible fun.

His work is infused with a traditional printmaking background, but applied through a modern illustrators toolkit; producing detailed line art with ballpoint pen, digital tablet, and a range of software, printers, laser and die-cutters.

Both designed and presented with paper glasses, Brad’s 3D work seeks to engage and invite viewers into immersive scenes… accessible and familiar on the surface, but revealing deeper layers of story, detail, and intrigue upon closer inspection.

Brad was born in Orlando before settling in North Texas. He earned his BFA in Combined Media at Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art, & Planning and later attended Hartford Art School’s low-residency MFA in Illustration program while simultaneously working full-time in Dallas as a graphic designer, licensed merch designer, art teacher, and Etsy shop owner.

Clients include Live Nation, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dickies Arena, comedian Marc Maron, Stern Pinball, Texas Pinball Festival, KXT 91.7, and Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Kettle Art has been Brad’s self-described home base since circa 2011, and he is proud to return after a brief hiatus (ahem, pandemic) for his first solo show with ‘Albright, Albright, Albright,’ sharing recent work and greatest hits, from 3D poster art to dimensionally layered woodcut illustrations and local event posters.

This show runs through Sunday September 4, 2022. Kettle Art Gallery is located at 2650-B Main St. Dallas, TX. 75226.

Summer Salon 2022 is an expansive exhibit featuring many of the finest artists you’ve come to know & love at Kettle. Works by artists such as Mahsa Moein, Richard Ross, Katrina Rasmussen, William ‘Bubba’ Flint, Justin Clumpner, Jeff ‘Skele’ Sheely, Francois Shogreen and many more.

This exhibition opens at noon on Saturday, May21st, and runs through Sunday June 5th.