Kettle Art proudly presents Richard Ross – The Last Book of Chances, a one man exhibition by one of our favorite artists. This show opens on Thursday, August 26 with an artist reception from 6:00 – 9:00PM and runs through Sunday, September 26.

Richard L Ross, a self-taught artist from Irving, TX, opens his show “The Book of Last Chances” August 26th, 2021 at Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum. In a continuation of his metanarrative, “The Road to the Store”, Ross’s new show is a collection of a life’s passport book, stamped by various, “Last Chances” that have been acquired along one’s journey. Ross sees life as an accumulation of “Last Chances”. To Ross, some view this phrase as something they give, or something they receive.

Per Ross, “I see each moment of time as a last chance. I passed through the past year of pandemic and fear viewing us all living with this great monster who was feeding on us randomly.” Ross points out, “So we herded in safe groups, or hid ourselves in all kinds of defensive manners. I saw the virus still come through the lives of my friends and colleagues. I lost people I knew.” The truth of the virus became real to Ross, who also works in an essential work occupation, when as he remembers, “ I spoke with one person at work, with the intent to follow up in a week with them, only to learn they were in a hospital, and then didn’t make it out.” Ross states, “but the monster, as real as it has made itself visible in our lives, is actually a reminder of time. At some point we will all become consumed by time.”

For Ross, to live each moment as a last chance has become his way of life. “On the Road the Store, each step is one more step, one more moment, and one more chance to make a life which one is ok with how they lived it.”

Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Life Goes On’ a solo exhibition by artist Mahsa Moein. This exhibit opens on Thursday, July 22, 2021 from 7:00 to 10:00PM and runs through Sunday, August 22nd.

Mahsa is a Dallas-based arts educator, who was born in the magnificent, breathtaking, poetic land of Iran. Her art incorporates bold, dynamic colors layered in lyrical still life and landscape compositions. Inspiration is derived from her native landscape, with its majestic mountain ranges, vast oceans, sweeping deserts, and tall cypress trees that reach higher than the sky itself, and by the colorful, handmade rugs found in historic, covered bazaars filled with the scents of rose water and saffron.

“I have brought my love of art, my colors, shapes, and contrasts, and even my brush strokes, from my home. My inspiration appears on my canvas untamed, creating subconscious connections between the beauties and complexities of my country. My work speaks of the inherent poetry, politics, dance, and sounds, striking against the limits that society has put in place for women.”


We finally did it!

Kettle Art A La Carte is our new online store, offering beautiful original art, fine art prints, and small artisan-crafted pieces.

We’re super excited about a brand new feature, the Box Du Jour! It’s our version of a mystery box, filled with a fun assortment of some of our favorite things, including prints, small originals, etc.

Our new store is the next best thing to attending an opening reception, or randomly dropping by for some shenanigans and adult beverages. Sigh. We can’t wait to bring that back, but for now, you can shop us from the convenience of your home, and swing by for easy curbside pickup.

Thank you for checking it out, and for supporting the best in local art!


“Libertas” is a curated collection of pieces by some of our favorite female artists, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, granting all American women the right to vote,

The Roman goddess Libertas, Latin for liberty, was the personification of freedom from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. She symbolically inspired sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi to design France’s gift to the American people, our iconic Statue of Liberty.

This exhibition proudly features Janae Corrado, Corey Godfrey, Emily Hawkins, Candice Lindsay, Melanie Hardy Mcvey, Judith Lea Perkins, Katrina Rasmussen, Erin Reeves, and Jamie Walters.

Please mark your calendars for the artists’ reception on Saturday, March 14, 6:00 – 9:00pm.


Hot on the heals of our ‘For Love of Kettle’ annual fundraiser, this exhibition features the amazing artists who have just shown their love & support for this gallery. This event serves as a unique ‘Thank You’ for gracing us with their talents. 100% of the proceeds of sales will go directly to those artists!

This exhibition opens Thursday, February 6th, at 6:00pm. It runs through Sunday, February, 9th, during our posted business hours.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, February 8th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

Please come and show these heroes some Love.


“For the Love of Kettle” is one of the most highly anticipated events of our year. This One-Night-Only, annual fundraiser keeps Kettle Art Gallery operating in the black, allowing us 51 weeks a year of eclectic, North Texas based, cultural programming. Over one hundred and fifty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists who exhibit & support this gallery. There are no previews or pre-sales available to anyone, so please get here early and grab a place in line, as the doors open at 7:00PM sharp.

Artists include but are not limited to: Judith Lea Perkins, Susan Carson, Ginger Fox, Pamela Tyner Dietrich, Erin Reeves, Tony Marsh, Colin Lefleur, Danny Hurley, Brandon Adams, Gretchen Luedtke,Kim Morgan Eden, Willow Page, Duke Horn, Raymond Butler, Daniel Yanez, Erin Curry, Jerrel Sustaila, Lisa Huffaker, Marcus Soriana, Julia deLeon, Cathy Krumholz, Stacy Granado, Jeff Muncy, Bubba Flint, Johnny Hawkins, Amanda Fledermäuse, Brandon Shiflett, Emily Hawkins, Melanie Hardy Mcvey, Chase Flieshmann, Corey Godfrey, Amber Campagna, Larry Clack, Janae Cornado, Katrina Rasmussen, Brian McClure, Francois Shogreen, Amber Sladovnik, Marc Dominus, Candice Lindsay, Sabrina Kirk – Caldwell, Shari Sandri, Nolan Mueller, Denise Rodriguez, Enrique Mascorro, Monica Barrera, Julie Bolane Kennedy, Laura Hanel, Jamie Walters, Romolo Martinez, Ben Fluno, Blaine Hall, Robert Garza, Andrew Johnson, Erica Guajardo, Joe Cadena, Alex Stock, Emma Lylle, Charlie Gaither, Richard Ross, Holli Michener. Gigi Kalmon, Kelly Jacobi, Everett Turner, Heather Howard, Jayla Wilkerson, Ryan Rankin, Billy Coleman, Justin Clumpner, Melanie Hardy Mcvee, Mark Nelson, Jenn Lafleur, David Pech, Shawn Everett, Matt Lumpkins, Kenn Chapman, Mary Hart, Dennis Gerron, Sarah Lucas, Derrick Granado, Steven Reeves, Vince Kniffin, Hatziel Flores, Minji Watrous, Brandon Harris, Steve Rainwater, Bill Rogers and many more TBA!


Drawings from the Cave is an exhibition by members of the motion guys and content team at the Richards Group. This joyous bunch spends most of it’s time in a dark cave, animating, editing and doodling.

Artists featured are: Brielle Parker, Jayr Sotelo, Steven Rice, Chris Stroup, Erin Donnalley, Trey Chavez, Nicole Spiros, Fiona Cohen, Luis Cuenca and James Duerr,

This exhibition will feature their personal projects that are not related to advertising and keep the spirit of the cave and the artist alive. Please join us for plenty of drawings, animation, and good art all around. To see more of their work you can go to @motionguys on instagram.

This show runs through Sunday, January 26th.


One weekend only “Japanese Art Fever Dallas” with Kengo Hioki (Yellow of Peelander Z) and friends Sonomi Kobayashi (NY) and Yusuke Okada (NY) at Kettle Art in Dallas, TX on 1/9-1/12, Artists reception on Saturday on 1/11 at 7pm, live painting and solo acoustic performance!!! Be there!!!!!!!!!


In this season of celebrations, Kettle Art presents Holiday Presence #15, our annual art and gift show featuring small works and unique, artisan-crafted pieces, made exclusively by local artists.

The exhibit runs through December 24.

Watch for special announcements throughout the exhibit, such as artists collaborating on-site, updates on new items, impromptu parties, pop-ups, and extended hours.

Artists include but are not limited to: Jeff Skele Sheely, Francois Shogreen, Judith Lea Perkins, Richard Ross, Erin Curry, Justin Clumpner, Brad Albright, Katrina Rasmussen, Brian McClure, Janae Corrado Raymond Butler, Melanie Mcvey, Nick Glenn, Candice Lindsey, Tony Marsh, Phil Huber, William ‘Bubba’ Flint, Ernest Curry, Chase Fleischman, Johnny Hawkins, Jennifer Lafleur, Jeff Muncy, Krystal Johnson, Steve & Erin Reeves, Matt Lumpkins and many many more!

Remember: when you buy work from a local artist, it shows more love & thought went into your gift and also makes the holidays better for your immediate community.

Thank you!


Got Wood Too is a combined effort between five artists, who see inspiration in the heart of nature beyond the canvas. Craft and calculation go hand-in-hand in the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces of art, allowing the incorporation of the beauty of the natural wood within the final composition.

Curated by Nick Glenn, the exhibit includes Raymond Butler, Erin & Ernest Curry, Brad Albright, and Tony Michael Marsh; all seasoned veterans of the Dallas arts scene.

Opening Artists Reception: Thursday, November 7, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

On view through Sunday, November 24.